Upcoming necessities cont., i.e. Richard Barbrook on Imaginary Futures, the Multiplace Festival, and…


Live Stream 30.4 from> LABfactory < in Vienna, start:21:30h CET

April 30, Dr. Richard Barbrook lands at the World-Ex-Position to bring his deep analysis of the last half-century’s HISTORY Of The FUTURE and the information society’s prophecies of our future… which may describe our fucked up present better than our currently fucked up dreams for the future… and somehow he manages to remain radically optimistic about untangling the past from the present in order to fuck with this hideously recycled cold war future cul de sac YOU + WE are eating right now, in order to reclaim OUR LIVES. Or something like that : )

But seriously this is like XL Terrestrial brainwaves at their frickin finest, think Adam Curtis meets Annalee Newitz meets Geert Lovink … and Lutz Dammbeck doing Herculean cartwheels inbetween. Or something like that…

But HOW he manages to remain optimistic about the spectacular military technoloops is beyond us, but hey, we’re all ears, cause we think we’re technically fucked without some new ideas and new acts PRONTO !

In plain bloody earthspeak: Barbrook, currently a Senior Lecturer of Politics at the University of Westminster, ” traces the early days of the Internet, beginning from a pivotal point at the 1964 World’s Fair, in what critics are saying is the most well-researched and original account of cyber-technology among contemporary works. … Contrary to the tenets of McLuhanism, the convergence of media, telecommunications and computing has not – and never will – liberate humanity. The Net is a useful tool not a redemptive technology. Cooperative creativity and participatory democracy should be extended from the virtual world into all areas of life. This time, the new stage of growth must be a new civilisation.”

In case for some stupid reason you can’t BE IN Vienna for World-Ex-Po and a glorious spring , it WILL be Streamed LIVE ( with Jaume at the controls) from the LABfactory ( go there for updates). Need more backround?? Check ImaginaryFutures.Net … Yep, he writes some essential heavyweight BOOKS:



imaginary futures

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25.4 – 3.5 : MULTIPLACE in Brno, Praha, Bratislava, Zilina, Banska Bystrica, Budapest, Reykjavik, Berlin, Glasgow, etc etc…





Multiplace Festival , network cultural festival , reports coming soon. [ well if there's time maybe we'll still get a word from Dusan + Magda in Bratislava + Praha ]

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