A Wikileaks Scanner v.7: Leaking Wounds, But Not Ours

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{ the calculus of ricochet anarchy }

Leaking Wounds, But Not Ours

Added: > For the straight-up reporting from Glenn Greenwald to remind us just how upside down the world is, this report is essential: What WikiLeaks revealed to the world in 2010

Added#2: > And journalist Johann Hari ( on his blog and elsewhere ) wonders how can it be that Bradley Manning faces life in prison, when the information that he has ALLEGEDLY leaked reveal people who are guilty of torture, assassination, a variety of war crimes, corruption, etc. and STILL face NO CHARGES.

Added#3 : > [Via Andrej Grubacic ] Saroj Giri at Interactivist : “Truth as the end product of an anti-conspiracy operation, truth as digital activism of the elite ‘many’, truth which has not emerged through people’s struggle against power, only means that people know the truth but do not realize their own power to topple the present order – this will lead to merely reformist calls for transparency and good or open governance without challenging the basic structures of socio-economic inequalities and state power.”

So, On Leaking Wounds….

And then, to assess things from a technological + sociological + futurologic view, two articles, now ripe enough to reveal the true scale of the volcanic Wikileaks game-change, come, not surprisingly, from artists: Bruce Sterling’s The Blast Shack and Jaron Lanier’s The Hazards of Nerd Supremacy.

Both have their flaws that have provoked some ire from the XLt psychomedia lab, but anything less volatile would be too clean a slice for such a profound and messy and epic matter.

To Sterling, we might say:

“A bit uber-Noir here… If it’s any worth measuring from the last interviews with Assange, exhibit A. The Dylan Ratigan Show interview (on MSNBC) or B. on Frost Over The World ( Al Jazeera ) , MAYbe the “garage peeps” have just turned the spy-drenched world on its head! And if it’s at all comparable to That Other Apple garage , it’s a big ( and unremovable ) win … for a little while. Perhaps it’ll be a disposable Assange i-Doll on the shelves by next Christmas, but by then, those who know the game will have moved on for the next frontier.”

And to Lanier:

“As the tech adept view, there are some incredible insights and a poetic way of describing the dehumanizing technological spaghetti precipice ( to the rest of us), BUt is this a typically dismal grasp of the political + seismic landscape from someone getting a little too cozy inside the belly and the codes of the beast?! ( now consulting for Microsoft, btw ) Do you have a clue about the maelstrom we face as a planet and empire go into unsustainable + blatant undemocratic convulsions ?!”

Of course both these pieces are going to require a little time digesting…

Come back when we get beyond our initial shock of blasting white light.

Note: Thanks to Astral Quilting for the imagery above. We suppose we’ll have to make some poetic leap to explain our view of the feminist Win in all this. And while one might draw some vague connection to 2 women lying in the foreground, we rather see the scene in the picture as an ingenious, staged and collaborative game, one that does not play by the traditionally odious rules of the unplayful and the artless.

Our coming non-linear leap will be that not only is the point Not Assange, nor is it even the swollen throbbing INTERNET, but about the physical bodies and landscapes that require re-inhabiting with higher intelligence. Themes for Scanner v. 8 ?!


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