25.4 : World-Ex-Position 08 opens with Sister0 + Shazalakazoo

World-Ex-Position O8 begins 25.5 in Vienna



press/play detroit

Two art spaces, LABfactory and Open Space, in Vienna’s 2nd district -Leopoldstadt, will have parallel openings 2morrw nite, with a film/ performance/lecture “My First Burial” by Sister 0 , “I was a teenage pornstar” film by Jessie Darlin, music by Shazalakazoo and Djane White Girl, and all moderated by curator and c-jammer ringmaster Alexander Nikolic ( pictured above in discussion with David Rych re: Slum.Tv in Friedrichshain, Berlin ) and theater director + LAB-founder , Thomas Jelinek. More details soon (? maybe). Opening will be LIVE streamed.

excerpts from A.N.’s curatorial statement from the Erotic Union website:

The proposed WORLD- EXPO in 1991 for Vienna did not succeed due to a poll result asking the citizens of the city for consent. We don’t ask. Not at all. We even wouldn’t, not that we would know whom to ask. Yet, did you know the eldest pyramids in the world were built in Bosnia-Herzegovina?! [ a reference to another featured film in the Ex-Po program Visoko - Flying High ] If the mummies would suddenly awake and appear, what would they think? In Balkan regions you will hear a running joke frequently: “Here, still nothing has changed” or a variation: “Who turned back the time?”

Today, time stands still – still for too many. Opposing this we will cross those bridges to the future – marching. “world-ex-position” exhibit will guide us where to go, and how to proceed from here, everyone is free to decide on their behalf.
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And we have just confirmed that KT Andresky’s Press/Play event(s) in Detroit will be incorporated into the XL Terrestrials world premiere of Transmigration of The Telepresent at LABfactory on May 10th, celebrating 40 years of May 1st, 1968 “orgasm of history”, which was prematurely followed up in 1969 with Richard Nixon jacking off telematicly on the moon directly into Neil Armstrong’s helmet and ‘your’ very own living rooms ( well not really assuming all XLT visitors were alive then to witness this extraordinary technological cum-shot, and maybe You are lucky enough to be reading this now precisely because your parents were making out instead). To honor this comedy episode, perhaps now more forgotten than a final episode of The Sopranos or latest American Idol, we are just now contemplating the technical requirements involved in order to present in 2 places at once, the possibly of not only a Second Life ‘avatar snuff film’ ( more info in previous podopolog below), but also a DIY multi-place instructional for how to touch your neighbor in the 21st century without booting or shooting up.

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