2008’s the Summer of Cruel Love, Baby! Kill Your Avatars…


The XL Terrestrials have convened in a secret meeting and have made their call for the 2008 Summer Of Cruel Love: Kill Your Avatars*, Love Thy Neighbor… And the machines, they will lie alone together in a bloody parasitic pool of simulated love and hate, code and unconsummated loops ( the Eternal Return to sender) !

Could it be that the most beautiful violence would not shed a drop of blood, but like the true acts of engagement that shake the embodied worlds with innermost tremors and most transforming bliss be no less real !? Via Negativa! Via Positiva ! There would be no liberation without the cathartic coupled in that most primal of binaries… Meanwhile the bodies and their doubles are as night and day, as one sheds the other, their avatar skins peeled off like a scalping of the colonizer’s head gasket that only channels and churns the drive to fuck the world over 24/7. no more! Alas, we with our letters and energies and physicality attached put our bodies of art in the gears, a spectacular eros, a crunching i/o error. Instantly rejected, wholeness retrieved! We are no longer “connected”, everything is connected. Access denied? Access is always and unlimited, and a matter of pure will! The strings and cords are cut, and once again we are fully here … and oh so in love again!

Those virtual days are numbered, and we are hardly Calculating the transpersonal, the ecstatic, the black math of new social equations, we live it!


pic: “All i had is yours” by Ironica Los Culos

* The idiotic misappropriation of the word avatar (from Hinduism) for high-bandwidth de-enlightening through the corporate “techno-divinity” is all the more reason for a spectacular implosion instigated by the unobscured terrestrial awareness.

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