Dec.11: XLterrestrials present **CiTiZEN KiNO** #2 : “Now We Play For Real (Money)!”


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< Sat. 11.12 > XLterrestrials present **CiTiZEN KiNO** #2 at Filmkunst im Roderich, Glogauerstr. 19 – Berlin. With very special guest FRAN ILICH of Possible Worlds and (Mx). 18:00h door, 18:30h presentation begins !

CiTiZEN KiNO is A Live Media Intervention + (re)mix of extremely rare
cinema (bits) and each show is themed, C-Kino #2:

“Now We Play For Real (Money)!”

Do you OWN your own time ?! your future ?! your past ?! a roof over your
head ?! land ?! harvest ?! your sexuality ?! the means for sustainability
?! your labor and your economic tools ?! Your art work ?!
your Body + Brain ?!

Are we the last new Indians to know our address on the reservation?! What
would it mean to live off-the-grid now ?!

On what “games” do you base your survival, your autonomy, your community,
your self-defense ? On your return to the earth ?!

This is Not another program for more media consumption, Not another
downloading of hypnotic bits in a deluge of irrealities. This is A
declaration of media self-defense !

Participation encouraged!


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Possible Playlist:

End of Time ( Mx )
Cultures of Resistance ( US/Br )
Problema ( De )
Wikileakables ( everywhere )
Ted Talks on game environments,
a Lennon Animation, Dolphin Porno…
and many more surprises

Program begins at 18:30h sharp
3 euro donation

Filmkunst im Roderich
with Map link:

Invite on Fbook:

arts + praxis organisms

“News + Media + Actions for the dedicated media escape artists !” Dr. Podinski

Plz Fwd to yur friends in Berlin !


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