a ToT psychomagic test drop



Report of the 1st Transmigration Of The Telepresent test drop coming soon.

We haven’t had time to do a full report, but the the ToT test drop at the Buko conference last weekend was a grand experiment, with incredibly revealing and charged results. We are still working on our new paper/tract entitled: Watts vs. Clarke*, 2001 Space Odyssey Almost Over, and it will undoubtedly be a primary theme of our World-Ex-Position in Vienna. It’s too soon to release all that data just yet, but we’d like to send some deep appreciation for the invisible no-budget blockbuster “film” provided by Gil Scott Heron in 1969 entitled ” Whitey On The Moon”. Listen to the original track here, possibly a bit stronger with your eyes closed, and imagined as pure street poetry resistance pre-MTV, pre-YouTube days. Or for fun, try the rock remix version here. And ask yourself: What has corporate-military space exploration done for my hood, my health care, my brothers + sisters lately?! And as we explore a bit deeper in the article, if this corporate-military enterprise has discovered anything useful, it most likely remains a secret ingredient in the trickle-down strategies of selling it to ya one spit out chicken bone at a time.

* That’s Alan Watts vs. Arthur C. Clarke, and will basicaly feature the non-technological theory of social evolution pitted against the man who had 2 penile NASA rockets named after him to take some very unrevealing images of some rocks in space. Stay tune it gets juicier !

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