XLt Newsletter 08v.1 : Deconstructive Cinema, Transmigration of the Telepresent (please handle!)


dearest psycho-Active organisms,

This is sort of our first nearly official, and very irregular, XL terrestrial Arts + Praxis Newsletter of 2008 and we have an urgent request of yur xtra-Large brain matter, see below.

((A.)) News : Send us your film recommendations !!
((B.)) The Tour Dates : XLt in Berlin : Saturday 12.4, Vienna in May, etc.
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((A.)) The News … and A Special Request:

In case you haven’t heard, we are re-based in Berlin, and currently developing a next round of touring the XL terrestrials “Transmigration” series. And in case you missed the first rounds we toured The Transmigration Of Cinema show in 2006/7 to stadium crowds and rave reviews on 13 continents, and they are screaming for more… and something to do with wanting their money back… but we don’t have time for that right now.

So we are collecting media for our evolving + highly problematic + controversial theme. This time entitled: THE TRANSMIGRATION OF THE TELEPRESENT (ToT)

And we’d like to get your recommendations about films, videos, animations, docs, shorts and features both, that might become part of our PLAYLIST for our 2008 interactive + deconstructive theater program. And here’s some info about WHAT we’re looking for:

Ok, as you may or may not already know, we are unlicensed PSYCHOMEDIA ANALYSTS investigating ( and mutating?) the media ecology.

That means we are interested in mass media environments, digital culture/internet, the military entertainment/industrial complex, big brother/surveillance culture, society of spectacle, detournement/culture-jamming, tactical media, technological determinism + technopoly, propaganda, empire, information war … and HUMAN SEXUALITY. While the latter is not exactly a matter for critical analysis in our program per se, we would be a bit remiss and far too removed from both universal happiness AND a prime mechanism of mass manipulation and marketability… if we omitted this topic from our program.

So some examples of things and excerpts we have included previously or will include in the upcoming presentation:

The work of Guy Debord, Indymedia, Adam Curtis (Century of the Self and The Trap), David Cronenberg, Jehane Noujaim (Control Room) Santiago Alvarez (Now! ), Almodovar, Bunuel, Jodorowsky, Craig Baldwin and OtherCinema, Dusan Makavejev, Guerrilla News Network, Big Noise Films, Christoph Schlingensief (Auslander Raus), Jill Friedberg (Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad), Marcelo Andrade Arreaza ( Venezuela Bolivariana), The Yes Men, Alfonso Cuaron, Park Chan Wook ( I Am a Cyborg…), and numerous shorts and animations from some obscure and not so obscure sources.

Ok that’s a fairly broad range, but keep in mind we like to juxtapose and re-contextualize and mash-up our media sources, so really anything that has moved you intensely, uniquely, subversively… might be useful to us… so go ahead and throw anything at us. So please send us a Top 5 (or more) of some recent (or not) jaw-dropping cinematic experiences. Please note that the over-the-top Bad flick is also entirely viable.

Just click on COMMENTS below. And drop us a URL if you would like us to LINK your project, as we will be compiling a XLt suggested PLAYLIST page in collaboration with MDC Berlin as a resource for media junkies and jammers.

And, if you have time to read further, our theme becomes a bit more illuminated in this current write-up for our upcoming shows, which might give you a better idea of what we’re doing in our Transmigration (ToT) show.

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(( B. )) Upcoming Events / Tour

XL Terrestrials will be performing The Transmigration Of The Telepresent (and/or dj-ing ) here:


:: 12.4 :: XLt presents a preview of “ToT” at The Right To The City – Soziale Kampfe in Der Neoliberalen Stadt ( April 11-13) in Mehringhof, Geneisenaustr.2a ,Berlin :: 20:00h :: www.buko.info/stadtraum/

:: 25.4 :: Opening of World-Ex-Position 08, Labfactory, Vienna
www.eroticunion.org + http://labfactory.at/ + www.openspace-zkp.org


:: 10.5 :: XL Terrestrials present the world premiere of “ToT” with Screen.tv, Labfactory, Vienna :: + experimental skype simulcast in collaboration with Press/Play project in Detroit)
21:00h and 24:00h

:: 17.5 :: Opening of Soho in Ottakring 08,Vienna, Ragnerhof :: dj Podinski

:: 22.5 :: XL Terrestrials present ToT, with Beta Test and Basislager peforming live film soundtracks, + Dj Podinski’s Psychotronic Ostblok beats, at Soho Festival, Ragnerhof
www.opensample.org + www.basislager.org

:: 24.5 :: Dj Podinski’s “Russian Frisko” , at Soho Festival, Ragnerhof

More dates coming soon!
Want to invite us to your town, festival, event, venue, living room??

pod (at) xlterrestrials (dot) org
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XLTerrestrials (XLT) present The Transmigration Of The Telepresent (Please handle!), the 2nd installment of their unlicensed psychomedia analysis and interactive film program, a deconstructive art and social praxis which began with The Transmigration Of Cinema in 2005 to analyze and affect the new mass media landscape and what we call “virtual migration”.

Today we are enraptured by a (primarily) military and corporate and venture capital sector invention, a digital network unleashed for “civilian use” at the end of the 80s. Www, the wonderous new technopoly that also “brings good things to life” (an old slogan of General Electric, a military contractor and TV broadcast conglomerate). Now at arts+technology exhibitions around the world there is quite a buzz about a telematicly-engaged society, much more so than even those Disneyesque Tomorrowland shows of yesteryear which hyped rocket ships and connections to life and planets beyond. Is civilian technology now the dominant paradigm or is a gullible species being taken on another ride ?!

Dr. Podinsky and an XLT reconnaissance team will perform a magickal + cinematic vivesection of our increasingly disembodied user-culture.

arts + praxis organisms

[ Note: the image of the hand above comes from the intoxicating work of yasmina alaoui + marco guerra, which has most literally helped us relocate our muses ... a true psychomagick tale that will be better left offline. THAnk You!]

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