Beyond The Valley Of The Republicrats*


{ The inspiring work of Zina Saunders, who recently presented ” ARt as a Weapon ” in New York with Erik Drooker }

A Quick + Practical Guide To The Myth of Democracy

Take about 2 whole minutes to vote tactically, usually the lesser of 2 evils, cause your so-called democracy ( wherever you are ) has generally locked everything else out. Yes, you can argue that this is degrading and humiliating to participate, and you’d be absolutely right. But consider that a lot MOre dangerous rightwing f*ckers + fascists + war profiteers will gladly take advantage of your absence in this pre-packaged circus ring.

In the U.S., it would be hard to go wrong by voting AGAINST the Republican party. See video below. This kind of voting only becomes a problem if you begin to believe you have actually voted FOR something, and do not become more engaged beyond elections.

[Note this advice only applies to those who are willing to register. And there ARE tactical reasons for not doing so, but that is too long an issue to cover for this entry.]

MORE IMPORTANTLY, get ready for whatever it takes to go Beyond The Valley Of The Republicrats  ( repubs AND dems AND electoral politics ) ! Because the planet will not survive this idiocracy much longer !

This work will undoubtedly require building a deep connection with your non-virtual, local community. The (midterm) electoral circus crumbs ( and internet armchair politics ) are for SUCKERS !




{ pic via dj “Watts Riot ” }

And if you live in the U.S., please spread this video below !!!! Funded by The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, who don’t just give you a simple message to vote Dem other Rats.

Typically campaign strategies are selling you one candidate or another; Ads for change, that are impossible to believe in. Instead this well-aimed piece makes you think more for yourself and provoke you to vote tactically… and illuminates clearly who the enemies are!

And the Youtube link ( originally we came across a version that was attached to Obama’s website. This one is without simplistic partisan campaigning. )

And note, if you are in the SF Bay Area, voting for propositions can require a lot of research and are often FAR More Useful than Voting for actual politicians ( who, even when they are of rare brilliant strain get tangled in corrupt – no win – systems).

The XLt recommends the SF Bay Guardian (and editor Tim Redmond’s ) election guides for the quick overview. Of course one should investigate local district issues beyond just their picks, but for the most part this will help you stay away from the most nauseating m*therf*ckers ( and their agendas ) on the ballot… and they are rarely on the wrong side… as far as electoral politics go.

* Note: The XLt have had plans for a “Beyond The Valley Of The Republicrats” project for many years, but we always have more ideas than arms and resources and time. With dreams for a poster campaign 0n the scale of Robbie Conal art attacks, and/or a Russ Meyer-infused feature film (remix/update) for the 21st century that would be an eye-popping real life horror flik and wake up call. Any producers or collaborators out there ??!!

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