On The Xlt Horizons: Upcoming Arts + Actions on The Rise (part 2): DQ University Solidarity Now!

A quick roundup of things, news, events on our radar , coming up in the various arts+praxis ports from Berlin to LA to SF to … We’ll come back to fill in more details + links when possible:

DQ University solidarity (NOW!) SF Bay Area
The Right To The City – Soziale Kampfe in Der Neoliberalen Stadt ( April 11-13) Berlin
LA vs War ( April 10-13) L.A.,
Gogol Bordello ( April 4) Berlin
Pranks Film Festival ( April 1-3) SF
Re:Publica 08 Konferenz, Theme: ” Critical Mass” (April 2-4) Berlin
Multiplace #7 ( April 26- May 3) Brno, Bratislava, etc.

URGENT note: DQ University has been raided, 18 Students, elders and supporters arrested, read Santa Cruz Indymedia reports from Bradley, and here’s some backround and a list of things you can do to support California’s last tribal college and the indigenous resistance.

right to the city pdf

DQ Uni

LA vs WAR red

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