Erotic Union and LABfactory present World Ex-position 08 Vienna, April 25-May15


[ Mark Twain + Nikola Tesla : a high voltage frequency is being passed through the body to bring the lamp to incandescence. Spring of 1894 ]

March 19th marked 5 years of war waged upon Iraq, and today we received a bulletin from Nikola Tesla, well the Murdyspace Nikola Tesla, reminding us that March 25th is the anniversary of another atrocity in 1999, during those nostalgic peace-loving days of Clinton at the helm of the new world global enterprise : NATO’s air strikes and the 78 day war on Serbia. Oh those happier days of Democrats in charge!? Feeding from the same corporate trough, those Republicrats never cease to amaze !


In memory of 3 year old Milica Rakic and the 89 children who were victims of the bombings, we have today submitted our proposal to the Vienna World Ex-position 08 presented by EU EroticUnion and the LABfactory :


The Xl Terrestrials are planning to land in Vienna for the World Exposition 08 to present a bit of our work and change the course of telematics and human communications and social relationships … hopefully for the better, but you never know how things will be used by humans. While they are usually all too predictable and generally herded in the wrong direction by idiots with short-term and self-interested agendas, we remain optimistic and vigilant.

We would like to contribute 3 or 4 things for the benefit of life and universal intelligence, and perhaps set a new precedent whereby rather than humans exhibiting new technologies to explore and conquer space, XL Terrestrials return to earth to present methods for reverse engineering phallic-centric rocket-style science and industry devised by Man to simultaneously transport people elsewhere AND drop weapons which land upon foreign heads. We wish to use this art portal, this extraordinary opportunity, to look inward and face-to-face and illuminate that, thus far, this route of technology has been a dubious dual enterprise with little humanitarian results.

flag on the moon


In July 1969, President Nixon made a much touted telephone call to the moon, and congratulated the NASA astronauts who had just landed, and who had planted a curious symbol of nationalist conquest, a country’s flag. Simultaneously here on planet earth, another branch of the military was dropping napalm on families in Indochina. It is a rather complex connection, maybe even a stretch, but lets begin by saying the majority of the technologically-advanced world watched both events passively from their living rooms through the telecommunications networks of their day, and both events were new levels of military enterprise. And the television and the telephone call? Were they too enterprises for advancing such agendas?


Fast forward: Today we are enraptured by a (primarily) military invention, a digital communications network unleashed for “civilian use” in the 1980s, the world wide web, the wonderous new technology that “brings good things to life” (a slogan of General Electric, a military contractor). Today at arts and technology exhibitions around the world there is quite a buzz about these telematic endeavors, much more so than even those Disneyesque Tomorrowland shows only decades ago which hyped rocket ships and connections to life and planets beyond.


Is civilian technology now the dominant paradigm or is a gullible species being taken on another ride ?!

Reverse + FastFwd (i.e. Realtime): Nixon’s avatar lands, plants a flag, lifts his leg and pees to mark his territory in a gravity-less new world, he signs into a private chat room and sends his new golden shower autoerotic clip to his business partners, who are just now launching another invasion upon real people somewhere else. And we are automaticly subscribed to this list.


XL Terrestrials present


An interactive film screening (which is the 2nd installment of a series begun in 2005 called THE TRANSMIGRATION OF CINEMA), whereby we discuss and perform and experiment with a variety of new directions in digital culture inbetween a program and a barrage of revealing short clips. An unlicensed psychomedia praxis since 2005.


If a venue is available for May 10th, we will combine our program with Press/Play a series of multi-city Skype performances hosted in Detroit.


Please note the text below in the previous plog : Iraq’s Descent Into Hell (”Watts vs. Clarke”) as backround to this proposal coming soon. And meanwhile here’s the text/call from the World Expo team:

world expo 08 sm

“From April 25 to May 15th 2008 a special edition of the World Expo will take place in Vienna… Its about taking position . A zone to counter, to challenge, to interfere, to trouble.

When the first EXPOs started they had the task to promote and produce fascination for new technologies as well as being a form of amusement. Disneylandesque places were built, accompanied later with corporate and national pavilions, which were often enriched with artworks. These conveyed the notion of an almost folkloric competition, often to hide the subliminal message of all its recent editions: that the consumerist Neo-liberal society is the only form which can generate democracy, liberty for individuals, as well as changing our way of living, nourish the hungry, foster the poor and also save the Planet.”

The Vienna World-Expo will be hosted by:

Open Space – Zentrum für Kunstprojekte in co-operation with
LABfactory (former office of the Viennese WORLD EXPO 1873).
Project-Curator: Alexander Nikolic.

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