XLt blurbs: MULticultural Overdrive and Other Art Survival Wrenchings


{ First NSK Citizens’ Congress poster competition }

< 21-23.10 > First NSK Citizens’ Congress: Kongress, Ausstellung, Filmprogramm, Seminar at HKW, Berlin

HMmmm, things couldn’t be more timely for an NSK visit in Germany with this anti-multicultural bizness oozing out from the Merkelites. 2 nights of panels with a focus on PASSports and equal Global mobility ( with guests and online streams from Sarajevo, Taipei to Nigeria , an exhibition …and performances by the likes of Lillevan ( former Rechennzentrum ). There’s gonna be some sparks!


< 21.10 > Kunst Apotheke Salon Session 12 : Kiss or Kill Facebook? at Altes Finanzamt, Neukölln. Doors at 21h.

What are we without having our ’faces’ on Facebook?
What have we become when we have more ‘friends’ online than in real life?
Will the hype for social networking tip over?

Today, most social networks are invested by financial conglomerates, what are the consequences of digital citizen’s voluntary disclosure of their private life online?
Will these social networks transform the Big Brother into a banal controlling system? Are we evolving into a denounced population through these self surveillance tools? Will total disconnection be the only alternative?
How is possible to invent other social media platforms to share in solidarity?


Web2.0 Suicidemachine
Moddr_ – digital experimentalists and interventionists – Rotterdam/Berlin
{ www.moddr.net
www.k0a1a.net }

Quentin Drouet – meida art curator/Spip program developer – Luxembourg/Berlin
{ spip.arscenic.tv/
www.spip.net }

iRights.info Valie Djordjevic – editor of iRights.info/FACES mailing list coordinator – Berlin
{ www.irights.info/ }


< 6-7.11 > ( tentative date ) XLterrestrials Launch Citizen Kino at Filmkunst im Roderich

The first in a series of XLt Media Self-Defense Programs. You won’t want to leave (or stay) home without them!

XLterrestrials present “CiTiZEN KiNO”
a live and interactive PSYCHOMEDIA analysis session
mit Dr. Podinski (aus San Fran) and special guests.
Screening a rare + highly controversial collection of international short
films and tactical media from the RADICAL OVERGROUND. Participation +
discussion + solution-scheming inescapable !

More Citizen Kino text coming soon.


< 12-13.11 > Economies of the Commons 2 at De Balie, Amsterdam

This conference is second in a series on the political economy of new media and its consequences for the cultural sector. The first, Economies of the Commons, was held in Amsterdam and Hilversum from April 10-12, 2008, organized by De Balie, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, and Kennisland. For the 2010 event, the organising committee is strengthened by the participation of The Institute of Network Cultures and UvA, Faculty of Media Studies.


< 19-21.11 > 2DH5, 6th edition of 2.dh5-festival, a yearly gathering about political activism in the Netherlands.

Other cultural bits to keep an eye out for … Elevate Festival in Graz, Realstadt in Berlin, 23rd IDFA doc fest in Amsterdam…


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