on the podfly…chat sketches sf<>labin – part 2

” Nicholson Schmicholson Can Eat His Big Hollywood Homonculus ”
We: yo assam, what up?
Sent at 1:28 PM on Friday
Assam: what up
what up
Sent at 1:31 PM on Friday
We: im at a workshop on sound tools… using things like Jack ?
Assam: jack?
We: um its all here, if yur interested in the geeky details… im only half-absorbing,
url coming…
Sent at 1:34 PM on Friday
We: nicholson schmicholson can eat his big hollywood homunculus
Assam: I’ve made a big poster off the graphic at kinkos
looken good
Sent at 1:37 PM on Friday
Asaf: and as I was starting to say last time before you disconnected
I watched the net with tory
We: sweeet, maybe i’ll dothe same here for budapest gig if that’s all flying
Assam: and we both felt like it could loose half an hour or so
Sent at 1:39 PM on Friday
We: of course, its just a bland talking head doc… BUT … how does ye net head spin now?
Assam: it’s cool
im into it
it needs to be remixed and re-dubbed in english
I gave her surplus as a homework assignment
We: what ? i thought othercinema did that?
Assam: they did?
We: i havent watched the dvd yet, but assumed they have an english , or subtitled release at least…
Assam: it’s subtitled
very long winded frustrating bullshit
couldnt follow
We: ook
Assam: if it wouldve been up to me
couldnt follow
if it wouldve been up to me
the whole thing would have been an hour long and narrated in english
anyways… how is the presentation going?
you got all those films clips you were mentioning on your intro text?
We: i babble+spin 2nite… was lucky they squeezed me in , cause i just landed into this scene as of yesterday with no forwarning
Asaf: into what scene?
Sent at 1:46 PM on Friday
We: in a town called Labin, and they are putting on a multimedia camp with linux heads… lots of linux heads in croatia it seems… and there’s this amazing warehaus space in a ( mussolini-era ) bldg
above a mineshaft…
Assam: nice
We: and they are organizing events here on occasion… with some dream of
eventually having a little underground city…literallly. but no one has lead me down into the mine yet… not sure there’s even access …as some neighbor here told me this morning its sealed off so no one can get lost down there
Assam: you should totally go
right now!
I bet it’s like a vip mineshaft
We: the main problem is labin is about half the size of sausalito and no one is here for workshops or events…
Assam: ha
We: just a handfulof linux heads who will stare a lot at screens and drink a lot of coffeeand attempt to convert me …haha
Assam: their site has zero content
almost as bad as xlt.com
We: and funny not one of them has even peeped about this voyage to the center of te earth which is siiting like liquid gold huckelberry finn adventures written all over it…
just below our asses…
xlt, what’s that ?? haha
Assam: maybe there is a mass grave down there
you dont know!
dragons and trolls
We: no man that’s transylvania. been there , done that…( well not really , romanians got this bad rap from Vlad the impaler and the general atmo is poetic contemplative and genrous hospit…) here’s a lot of nationalist ghosts playing all sorts of ethnic tension roles…. One croat had a funny take : he said , the croats never colonized anybody and they have this kind ofcalustrophobic inferiority complex,and i said well they’ll just have to learn how to make some practical use of their aggression… and then they’ll be like the rest of the warmongers, and they’ll fit in just fine.
Assam: [ re: techies] put some LSD in their coffee… then we;ll see how much screentime they’ll get
We: or so they say…actually i’m encountering a lot of well-meaning, highly active social network creators…with a vengeance for ussa meets das kapital…
Assam: maybe they need is their own tv show
Sent at 1:57 PM on Friday
Assam: linux vengeance!
We: only they got a wee bit too much virtual juice …. yes just like tv generation x…. what ever happen to kill yur tv enthusiasms!!??
Assam: are you seriously asking?
Sent at 1:59 PM on Friday
Assam: youre kidding right?
We: YES … that’s the transmigration performance … methinks…. gottago talkabout scheduling and set up2nite… be back shortly…btw , can u save this chat txt … goona post it…. as a plog . with the names changed….just in case i lose it…. power just went out here for a flash, theres a storm
Assam: what software are you using to chat with?
We: gmail
big brother friendly gmail
Assam: mmmm …. no think so

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