Obliged to Deconstruct… a red white and blue Colbert ??! American hero !!?


Rather frequently we have found some startling angles on Laughing Squid (that high-speed and tentacled portal of San Francisco viewed arts and tech and culture) that just don’t add up to a culture jammers‘ code. Code ? What Code? If in fact there is or even should be one… it may or may not be one’s obligation to the cause and for the sake of keeping any semiotic guerrilla on their toes, that some critical analysis be applied in order that friends don’t let friends ride the current Spectacle like a pop culture drunkard.

This image from Todd Lockwood was recently posted on the squid blog. And just coincidentally the XLT Podopolog recently did a little referencing of our own re: the Colbert-style “rebellion” in Virtuality-land , which analyzes a complex containment of resistance in mainstream media and digital culture. And then someone from the California branch of “the Wu Ming Alliance” sent us this deconstruction of Lockwood’s misfired tribute, which was presented on the Squid blog as an “American hero”:

“Any attempt to resurrect a sitcom/slasher empire under this idiotic flag, whether it be waved by Colbert, Gary Coleman, Obama/Clinton, Tom Hanks, Rupert Pupkin, Ronald Reagan’s ghost or Daffy Duck, is LAUGHABLE. There’s never been much else behind that curtain than a blood-paved “democracy” made by genocidal elites, and their profiteering psycho puppeteers and propaganda masters. Reminder: NATIONAL heroes are for the brain dead and historically dry-cleaned, those who are then easily made proper fodder for the addictions to militarized borders and gory patriot reruns.

In addition, the culture jammer’s menu still reads: Kill Your Television! … and we might add: the horse it came in on! ANd all its kin! … which could very well mean that which has been upgraded and re-wired to your daily incorporated laps!”

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