Techno Phantasm v.2 : ” Trust The Numbers ” say the dealers


{ Big Man Japan + Electric Sheep + Modul8 }

NUmb Trust, coming soon to the digital theater vortex nearest you !

Ohh Holy Podopolous Ballsacs! SO many things to rant and get tactical about… From the current “internal strife” of Wikileaks stories, to the jaw-dropping goodness of Nicholas Carr’s “The Shallows” and Malcolm Gladwell’s XLt-style analysis of the Twit Revolutions in The New Yorker, to the latest aid ship to Gaza being hijacked Again to Israel,  to the often saddening migration into geekdom + musical gadgetry that loses touch with the magickal intertwining of human psyches via the sacred languages… ( perhaps made so apparent and painfully nostalgic by …WTF ?! a strangely warm William Burroughs review of a Led Zepplin concert in the 70s* ).


{ Levi Van Veluw ** + 1984 + Spectacle + Modul8 }

Where the fuck shall we start ?!! With the beastly Numb Trust of NUMBERS, of course!

THere’s something about taking apart the Altar Of Numbers that’s veery liberating; Or as Nils Frykdahl of the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum once alluded to, a praxis of “Black Math” can wake the irreducible creatures in us.

Stay tune for more, but first, we must alert you to the fact that the circ-o-nautic Czech group DVA  is in Btown playing tonight at Cafe Szimpla, and is simply NOT To BE Missed!

< 28. 09 > DVA at Szimpla Cafe ( w/ Janek aka Jayrope from Prinzenallee, Air Cushion Finish, Girls United, ect etc. ?? we’re wondering if the master engineer + adept jammer will be on stage w/ em.) 20:00h


Check this gloriously gothic and sweet clip On YouGlube !




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