Techno Phantasm And The Occupied Territories Of The Eye


{ Colony of the eye… will we ever get back inside ? }

A 2010 XLt special psychomedia analysis report

“The earth is not a flat screen, i ain’t trying to fit in… this ain’t here for the underground, this here’s for the sun!” Saul Williams from ‘Talk To Strangers”

The great technological progress of the last two decades is that humanity now sits one foot away from the screen instead of six. Should we consider it a shallower mass grave??! Is the linear “evolution” leap from television to internet soon to be the link of the missing?

Analysis of the Virtual Exodus needs to take a drastic + alarming tact. Perhaps even as exaggerated and inflated as those now laughable promises of the well-funded digerati not so long ago. But first a little down-to-earth …

It’s all the rage that we can travel instantly at the click of a mouse to any destination of humanities’ digitalized database. A seriously limited cosmology considering, for one, that humans are one species out of 1.7 million.** That number being a rough scientific tally made by humans in the 21st century, which as yet does not even begin to include any approximation beyond our own galaxy. But before we get ahead of ourselves again, it should be noted that from a mere one planet perspective, this is a modus operandi reductionism that only a Richard Dawkins crowd could love.

It is this simulated strain of cultural and (post-)biological and electrically-charged narcissism (not to mention fanatical scientific ethnocentrism) that is working fast and furious to make this disproportionate irreality + dysfunction (i.e. talking to oneself) a fixed game. An enclosed phantasm!

It’s time to call it out with more than just a sci-fi wink : The current Techno Fascism, increasingly at your very own fingertips, advances the extermination of earth’s total inhabitants by roughly 123 SPECIES PER DAY.

“But what is the relationship between the current internet culture and increasing unsustainability?” you might ask. This will take time to fully analyze. But the theory begins with the perspective that the “virtual migration” shows no signs of decreasing mass consumption and colonial behaviour patterns, but rather serves (to speed up) a metastasizing and capitalizing disconnect to our ecological home base, which can no longer be ignored without catastrophic consequences.

The measurements taken are undeniable. The scale of change and potential dangers are incomprehensible. The new net culture has empowered corporations and state interests far beyond the individual, far beyond any real community building. While the proverbial youtube citizen can send clips of stupid pet tricks from quebec to japan instantly, a monstrous empire and business entity like Google ( to name just one ) and a variety of  intelligence agencies can exploit and manipulate and control users and their data in myriad ways. Btw: Data, profiles, avatars on a corporate + state game board become the umbilical “joystick” of material bodies… and social bodies. As the destabilization of natural habitat (which is non-negotiable for survival) escalates, we can only assume the  Phantasm is an instrument easily tightened around the neck.

We are working on plucking out some crucial investigations along these lines that already exist, and formulate further into XLt theory. From sources such as Nicholas Carr’s new book The Shallows to a recent forum at Eyebeam in NYC called  “Participationism and the Limits of Collaboration” which features political theorist Jodi Dean addressing the astounding trends and implications of “communicative capitalism”.

[ Work-in-progress ]

* the 2 images above come from Craig Baldwin’s Mock Up On Mu, remixed with Modul8 : )

** Until now, there may only be “a handful” of  species that have thus far posted information or opinions on this entirely man-made and so-called WWW. In the virtual, there is no dialogue between humans and our co-inhabitants.  And another point we will have to save for Techno Phantasm Part 2 is that the reductionism of this mediated sphere is to translate our world via a tragically inadequate Office-like interface/architecture which has only a doorway for the fingertips and the eyes… and a bit of the ears. What will be the full meaning of this amputated mono-Sensorium over an extended period?


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