Can The Entertainment Industry Be Made Relevant To Surviving the 21st Century ??!

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{ Our minor XLt “intervention” at Womex last year … A2N now in 2010 ? }

< 6-11.09 > ALL TOGETHER NOW, the 2nd annual new music + culture conference in Berlin. Forums for rethinking the music industry and creative platforms. Plenty of LIve Streams if you’re not in Btown…  and you can see the whole schedule HERE !

Can The Entertainment Industry Be Made Relevant To Surviving the 21st Century ??

WE are NOt optimistic! BUt that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there, attempting to upgrade …or detourn this Systemic Operating Trainwreck.

What to do with an overmediated world?? Some serious beyond the Ministries Of Culture, Beyond STickies (^), beyond the screens, beyond the avatars, beyond the popCoN, questions are due! And how to dump the corporate parasites !

ANd…  in addition, since we ARe VEry Interested in DIY economies and autonomous cultural sectors, so the XLt will be on hand to report from the ALL TOGETHER NOW Conference, beginning today. Yes, some strategies will be discussed that could open the gates for better digital architecture for the peeps ! While XLt are a little more focused currently on Eject + DElete Buttons, and Escape Hatches, there are some things in here that could have big meaning for cultural economies outside the corporate Endgame. And on the micro-scale of how we pay our rents, feed those imposed meters, and fill our bellies… via the art world.

We’d like to stir some serious debates, cause we fear that most of the topics getting discussed here are going to be on the wrong page… like fueling + navigating the navel-gazing culture further into the digital abyss … ad-vert infinitum.

In other words, there is no substantial social engagement plan on the decks.

REd ALErt! ALL Hands On DEck !!

stay tune for the results!

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