On The Xlt Horizons: Upcoming Arts + Actions on The Rise … part 1: The Borderless Musika Front

In the News and On The Road: Kultur Shock, The Coup, Balkan Beat Box (blocked at the border), Filastine, Genetic Drugs, Dub Gabriel, Balkantronika, etc.

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Just before the 2006 summer, Indybay’s Fault Lines interviewed Seattle-based Kultur Shock just prior to the the lead singer’s first return to his native war-torn Bosnia in 10 years, and the group went on to play a wild and widely acclaimed tour. They have just landed back in Europe for another round and have released a DIY distro-ed Live (in Sophia) album : See full 2008 tour schedule here… in Berlin at Cafe Zapata in Tacheles on March 19th!

ks sophia

Note: While The SF Bay Area Indymedia continues as a critical online force, sadly both the Fault Lines (print) and ECR (radio) teams have long disbanded … perhaps for more tactical needs and issues… at some point it may be argued that fighting battles in the media Alone becomes a bit of a shadow box… Nonetheless as the Info War AND the multiple Ground Wars expand … We Miss YOu ! Here’s an excerpt from Issue # 17 ( where you can download the whole interview and all issues as PDFs ):


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Boots Riley from The Coup is on tour in Europe and Australia and will be doing a full Coup opening set with backing band from Galactic, in Berlin at Postbanhof on March 11. Check the whole tour scoop on their Murdyspace.

the coup

Perhaps one of the most politically engaged rappers on the scene (of the crime), we recently caught this incredible clip below from Submedia.Tv (check this weekly show, program for Feb 22 : sections 6 and 7 at the end of the segment ) where Boots lays it out pretty straight what it means, or not means, to vote in a dysfunctional democracy.

Submedia.tv ’s “It’s The End of The World as We Know it and I Feel Fine”

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genetic drugscontagious

Genetic Drugs celebrates 10 years of Cyberjam, the electro- diapsora and psycho-audio-tropic surf + remix program on Radio multiKulti and the release of Contagious. A Mundo Mix presentation with djs Grace Kelly and Live with Latrama (Madrid) Ramani Krishna (Bangalore / Berlin) Nihil Nirvana (Berlin) Paul Swing (Berlin)

March 8 at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, 23:30h

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to be cont.

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