4 Glazed Oscar Donuts for America’s Blood Simpletons, Cohen Bros. Play Good Cop Bad Cop For the Xenophobic Borderland


This image adequately captures the essence of the tool used by the typical Hollywood Psychomedia Players to lodge projectiles of blood-simple cynicism and cool emptiness into its cattle brain victims. Stay tune for the XL Terrestrial analysis of Joel and Ethan Cohen’s latest “No Country For Old Men”. Have the so-called masters of “cinematic craft” and suspense thrillers stooped to making Noir commercials for the law enforcement industry, NRA and Latinophobia?


Dear Joel and Ethan Cohen, “Roderick Jaynes”, Scott Rudin, Cormac McCarthy, Mirimax, and the Academy of Motion Picture Banking…

This is white male America at its hyper-violent finest ! Get a fucking life!

2 days later:

What is perhaps most shocking about this film and examining its impact on its viewers is that there is practically zero discusion about whether this film might be racist. And having poked around at this festering art corpse rather intensely over the last 48 hours, trying to imagine what the normally adept script transformers ( Barton Fink, Big Lebowski, Oh Brother, etc. ) have intended to do with this adaptation, we have come to the conclusion that even if it warranted some deeper cinema/literary and social issues type of critique, according to a brief web analysis, this film only exists in the minds of the public as well-crafted entertainment as demonstrated by the blind babbling about a few plot ambiguities.

And on that basis, it becomes pretty clear that the Cohen bros. have both failed miserably at any intellectual pursuit and willingly descended into the Military Entertainment Complex head first, with their pockets full of blockbuster brain-sucking buck.

Even IF they had attempted to investigate the racism of the Texas borderland with this phantom Chigurh ( a hyperbolic stereotype enlarged to a Texas-sized Godzilla?) the majority of viewers appear to have absorbed this only as far as to be willingly eye-boarded by its carnival/spectacle ride of blood, fear and suspense, its pathetic and predictable characters of good and evil (and those mediocre inbetweens), and its shallow tale of the lure of money.

And anyone still in doubt, the Cohens are NOT outsiders making offbeat films, they are now the NY city kings of the formula Hollywood dung heap. Yep even the Oscar flies have swarmed upon them, and every fame-and-jackpot-seeking newcomer to The Industry will attempt to repeat their game for several years to come. Barton Fink, with a slight inversion being the author(s) now sitting on the eastern shores with their (cinema-) lover’s head in a wrapped box, becomes autobiographical ??!

Final litmus test: Picture George Bush and Dick Cheney and the Minutemen, that band of fascho-border vigilantes, thoroughly enjoying this film! Seems pretty easy don’t it?

One question remains, did they collude with the new world border game to fuel the fear and hate, or is it just about bank ??

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