Folk & Fæ Symposium … Where the wild things converge!


{ On the way back from DK, the seagulls dance in the wind currents of the ferry }

Folk & Fæ Symposium

Last week the XLterrestrials participated in a Symposium on a small idyllic island anachronism in the Danish South Sea. Named Folk & Fae, the event was constructed as a convergence of international artists to explore the relationship between animals and humans, while at the same time remixing the classic Platonic scenario in which seven philosophers gathered to consider the nature of Eros.


{ From Folk & Fae Symposium, this has an eerie “witness to a lynching” effect }

Humanity vs Nature

Just seven months before we were in Denmark to report on the Climate Summit, which one can now conclude leaves its historic + horrible scar upon the future of global politics, populations and entire species. The event was the largest-ever meeting of political leaders to address ecological concerns and revealed quite nakedly that there is no hope of human intelligence arising to meet the necessities of a global crisis in the dim and narrow frame of elected, semi-elected + selected figureheads of various nations, each with their own territories, agendas and power structures.

Coming December nations will meet again, this time in Mexico. But the new scenario may perhaps be that a new force,  platform or agency for collective global intelligence will be required for any form of civilization to survive the imminent challenges that the collision of humanity and nature has in store for us.


In Retro Paradiso, Micro-Politics + Animal Eros

In a beautiful polar opposite to convention centers, stormtroopers, power ties and G20 puppet fucks, a small circle of friends meet to perform a 3-hour theater + analysis program with all the weight of personal memories, families… wild dreams, hopes and fears regarding our collective future… and the individual desires to reconnect with all our magical planetary relations.



{ slides from Sara Hamming’s intro to Folk & Fae }

So all this warrants much more of XLt analysis + a praxis route… as we have come to realize that understanding the maligned + brutal relationship to animals might lead us back upon sustainable paths.


And then one of the XLt dreamed the other night about the micro-political as the macro-solution:

The Seven Samuri Principle (inverted*)

Would it be more strategic to consider:  NOT confronting the malady at its center and its most fortified, but by aligning ourselves into micro-political bodies + entities, and by changing all those locked-in behaviours within a new seductive cellular manifestation ?

An accessible deconstruction of the nuclear family cage, we organize ourselves around the structure of seven colleagues ( with no dogmatic # but a suggested form ) to engage with, as much as possible, and as best suited to the geographic and realtime situations, another existence.

The dream entailed entirely new familial constructs and sexual relations… as if to imagine we were suddenly another species with different co-habitation customs. Afterall the current homogeny of relations serves the colonization well. Time to exit !  And the fenced-in (city) habitats appear to rob us of all the diversity of breathing as creative + communal creatures.

* 7 Samurai inverted. In an inside-out version of Kurosawa’s ingenius film… we do not seek to invite warriors in to protect the village from the ubiquitous raiding bandits, we send 7 samurai out of the “city walls” to confront the mechanisms which have allowed the loop of parasitical enemies to contain us as such an easy catch. And perhaps it even de-escalates the societal configuration of hunters and prey.



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