Gouging out the eye of the cyclops – Part 2: the blurbs + Citizen Kino beta test



{ Citizen Kino / pic remix via Leszek Lebrowski via Pigasus Galerie }

< 26.7 > XLterrestrials present a special Citizen Kino* beta test at a secret location in Berlin… monday, July 26. 21:00h.  If you would like to attend, please subscribe to our (infrequent) newsletter by writing to: Pod (at) XLterrestrials (dot) org

Added: Location/ Map HERE ( temporary link )

We’ll be testing out a new psychomedia analysis approach and gathering ideas from participants in order to create a ( von Trier-like ) Digital Dogme – 2010. Not about How to make media, but how we should utilize it, recycle + recontextualize it, and/or defend ourselves against its inherently problematic colonization of realtime.

more on that to come…

Added: Neukölln Mobile Kino write-Up:

*Tonight 9pm: Neukölln Mobile Kino*

> Instead of a regular film, tonight we will present a special night by our friend Dr Podinski of the multimedia team XLterrestrials.

Podinski will play a mash-up of interesting video clips, rare short films, strange images and other fascinating footage, selected from his
multi-terrabyte archive of film files collected over many years.

It is hard to explain, but fascinating to watch, so come along and be part of the experiment.

Also, Mehdi AKA Townes Syndrome will perform a few acoustic songs before the screening.

Don’t forget to bring something to sit on, a sweater for when it gets cooler, some coins to contribute to costs, and an FM radio if you have one. <

What: Multi-media video mash-up by Dr Podinksi, music by Townes Syndrome When: Tonight, Monday July 26, 9pm
Where: Lessinghöhe park, Neukölln. U7 Karl Marx Str.

Dr. Podinski’s write-up Below.

… … …






{ many diagrams + dice rolling by ART01 by Gentle Junk }

< 25-31.7ART01 : Gentle Junk from Croatia and a number of other art networks create a self-reflective artlab as part of TransArt Institute’s MFA exhibition at  Concentart gallery, Kreutzbergstr. 28, Berlin.

< 25.7 > Vernissage : 18:00h

Participants include Stanica M.i.R., Vj Pedro Zaz, XLterrestials, Green Sun, [ + Midia Tactica folks from Brazil, Givan Bela via Net ]  and and … YOU !

A project that examines art operating systems through self-reflection on artistic practices done in last 11 months – from September 2009 to July 2010.

Please join for collaborative public event, spiced with pirate radio, on-line broadcast, social games, linux install party, exchange and swap, loop and feedback.

Exhibition hours: July 26-29,  Wednesday through Friday, 18:00-20:00

We met Gentle Junk at a MultiMedia Kamp in Labin in 2007? … they did a beautiful LIVE vivesection of an automobile in the old Labin coal mine w/ a live soundtrack by a wonderful noiseband from Italia, (we’ll have to recall the name). They’ve got their hands in all those arts + praxis themes listed above , and always a few xtra tricks up there sleeves.

Added : We all met at the gallery today, and there’s a wicked dice game in the works with an added layer of dr. Podinski’s Over-the-Top artworld analysis, and Pedro Zaz – a MOdul8 adept -  and the XLt’s will be dj/vjing some wild bits.

… … …

:: URGENT :: the XLt FUNDRAISER CONTINUES ! :: We are attempting to organize many shows/projects this summer+ fall, and we desperately need to cover some pretty minor expenses… PLEASE consider helping to keep XLterrestrials on The MOve + Developing Arts+Praxis methods to make another world possible. ::

:: HOW TO SEND FUNDS : Paypal direct is best. Write to pod ((at)) xlterrestrials ((dot)) org for account information or arranging other options. More Info about fundraising + projects :: HERE ::

INVESTORS WANTED: For a 21st century education and martial arts-like touring cinema program… Rewrite The Culture Code for planetary survival ! XLt’s CiTiZEN KiNo officially hits the streets in September 2010 ! Contact us now!


{ Man as god definitely plays dice ! }

Dr. Podinski asks: Will the creator of that art piece over there on the wall … will that save us from all those who are playing god ?? Shouldn’t the artists get in the game … and play too ??

Dr. Podinksi and the XLterrestrials ( aus San Fran + Berlin ) present: CITIZEN KINO

The XLterrestrials experiment w/ interactive cinema which is designed to reboot the part of your head that downloads film + media and make you wonder why you never detected all those brain-colonizing viruses until NOW…

A MUST SEE collection of international shorts and clips to make you wanna act out all your revolutionary impulses in strange or familiar public places !
Rumour has it we’ll show a rare 8mm clip from that famous
Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian guy, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg !

AND We liking working w/ strange themes for each LIVE screening… and TOnight’s Is:

“HOw to GOUGE OUt The Eye of The Cyclops and Other Erotic Tales from The Underground

AND Did we mention ?? we’re also working on a Lars-Von-Trier-like DIgital Dogme 2010 MANIFESTO for decolonizing the media landscape… and we need your help !

hope you can come!!

dr. Podinski

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