XLt tries again to gouge out the eye of the cyclops + other news


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Topple the word/game order – part 2

Well you may have heard the latest news blip on the Palin Worm. She’s trying to outdo the Great Ex-Communicator-In-Chief, Bushyboy, by inventing words like “refudiate”… and then juxtaposing herself w/ Shakespeare, who might ALSO have coined a few words himself. Very funny, but you have to wonder if there’s a genius scripting this lunatic. She is after all like a remotely operated vehicle…

which is precisely why the XLt would like to add One ourselves to the American language:

( a Sarah) Palindrone , n. 1. a pilotless vehicle that reads the same from left to right as from right to left. Often used for target practice and/or tracking the known unknowns. 2. an opportunistic character self-assassination device, which does not necessarily cancel itself out when deposited in the midst of a mis-(under-)educated public… 3. a remotely operated vehicle (ROV)  for political manipulations !

This reminded us to remind YOU, dear XLT readers that one should be getting prepared for that potentially small evolutionary moment of the 2012 elections…

You might be wondering how to create some campaign/action to go Beyond The Valley Of The Republicrats, a title btw for an XLterrestrial film project that has been in “pondering production” mode since at least 2000.

For sure, the Palin phenomenon is an incredible tactic to herd anyone with any brain cells left into the arms of the Democratic party. Like a good cop/bad cop game you’ll run scared to the nearest comfort zone, and this effectively obscures the fact that any real solution is far outside the ballot boxes, and the pathetic Duopoly (as Ralph Nader called it.)

But lest you think the XLT are Green Party or 3rd party advocates, well that would be about as simplistic and ineffective as buying organic shampoos… as Derrick Jensen once pointed out, that won’t save a single species, nor the planet. It’s a bit more complex than mere elections, but certainly Not beyond the means of an activated population of millions or billions !

And well nevermind The Palin troll… what a distracting load of crap, and we apologize for dragging you into it… it’s just a starting point for deeper analysis, to inform you it’s time to exit this retarded … + fascist B-movie… trailer…

And meanwhile there’s some happening shit going on locally, and we’ll be posting news about that asap….

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