Transmigration Of Cinema 2.0 – 2008 – Tour is in Production, make contact!



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The Transmigration Of Cinema 2.0 is in production!

That means we are re-assembling the project ( TOC 2006-2007 tours) for another XL terrestrial round, because recent assessments show that the arts+tech and mediated culture wave have a looooooong way to grasp the critical stage of our sit-com planet, wherein No documentaries, No feature films, No tv series, No new media installations, No digital art, No website will serve as an evacuation plan, much less a lifeboat, for the Virtual Titanic Anatomies of Militarized Supermarket Life, or Anti-life , as the case may be. Therefore we are developing a Transmigration 2.0 multi-media multi-cultural mix to be the iceberg, the (simulacrum) drowning, the exit, the get-away vehicle, and yes the celebration of rescued humanity on terra firma … simultaneously, all in one!

No small feat, but what else is realtime science fiction made for ??! And perhaps tragedy and comedy mediums are the foreplay of praxis and re-conceived migrations.

So… We are looking for community collaborators, a vessel crew, so-t0-speak, possible festivals , venues and contacts for an east-west europa 2008 tour this summer. Contact us at pod (at) xlterrestrials (dot) org

We will soon add some details of the program which includes film screenings, theater, a lecture, and dj/vj live mixes, and “a film shoot”, and begin shipping out the full scale pitch, including technical requirements, and more concrete dates + routes.

More text re: the TOC project, remixed from Summer 2007 :

As a culture passes the mechanical world and simulation threshold, we not only exist more inside the mediated landscape than outside it, we permit a severe mutation and reversal of body and function, such that the ubiquitous prosthetic technotopia does not enable communities, but shapes them for smoother corporate automation and expansion, atomization, isolation, extraction, and excessive consumer waste. The domination of the machine we feared is not exactly a machine nor even a big brother, but our own lives pumped out as an efficient and metastasizing network reducing each of us to our utility, our parts, our data-yield and our consumer profiles. In this game, globalization means you will never have to meet the objects and avatars you just fucked, and vice versa. Devastation will be conveniently elsewhere, until suddenly it’s not. Nothing is sold as is, as it appears, because nothing is precisely the plug-in you ordered and are paying for so dearly. But there’s a simple Paracelsian remedy to regain the upper and lower hand, the right and left foot, the full sensory pleasures: a small batch of poison in the form of a multi-media trojan horse kaleidescope, a short-circuit burst of re-contextualized media in a feedback loop to lock the worm hole upon itself. The XL Terrestrials return to their home planet to perform an exorcism of the Military Entertainment Complex.

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