Actions don’t speak louder than words, they topple the word/game order!


{ the Local Community on the Move, Demo Routes }

< 10.7MegaSpree’s Rette Deine Stadt / Save Your City !

Ok, we could say a mouthful about marches from Pt. A to pt. B, but still the efforts to create awareness about Berlin’s ” incredible shrinking autonomous zones” – otherwise known as gentrification – cannot be understated, and ‘@‘-Parades/Demos are usually done with great flair here on the B-sides. And btw, this one’s got several points incorporating at least 5 neighborhoods and a concept to swarm the center.

{ Stay tune, Pics coming }


{ Megaspree 2010 at Alex/Roteshaus fountain }

News has been coming in from many fronts about a number of important spaces under immediate threat of eviction… Tacheles, Schokoladen (incl. Theater, artist studio(s) + Club der Polnischen Versager ), Cassiopeia/ R.A.W. Temple, and a bit further out related story the MS Stubnitz ship, now in Rostock… etc, etc. We will try to provide a comprehensive view, and what Other actions are on the horizon.

Also today < 10.7 > Brunnenstr. -Haus Project- celebrates 21 years… and next weekend < 16-18.7 > is Schokoladen’s notorious HOffest, 20 Years … dj /vj Podinksi joining the celebration next Sunday nite at Polnischen Versager.


{ Follow the schokiBlog -details on the eviction – and save the living cultures ! }

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Meanwhile XLt takes a trip to the Theater, turned into a realtime movie, which had immense potential for media deconstruction, but all is not well on the creative front…

Is the artworld just too preoccupied with wooing our flailing + shattered attention spans?? which were anyway little more than an appendix-like sponge organ for consuming. Now even the most progressive movements in theater will have succumbed to the tyranny of the eye.


{ Rene Pollesch on a distant Brechtian moon }

This weekend Pollesch presented works in a lunar-like empty Pankow field as part of Volksbuehne’s open air summer program. Our XLt take:  As theater gets more and more to the point, the time for art is nevertheless Very Very Different… While artists play endless conceptual chess games, Rome burns, a Gulf between… And what souls rot at the bottom of our stagnant pools ??! Actions don’t speak louder than words, they topple the word order ! While The Symbolic may just keep their heads above water, but for how long ??!

Work-in-progress / More to come…

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