The Psychotronic Guns + Butter, XLt presents a new Citizen Kino


{ Psychotron Gun + Web fodder, XLt remix }

< 3.7 > THis SAturday XLt presents a new version of the ”Don’t Feed the Monsters !” series at the “new” Spuk Kommune, at the historic Rauchhaus in Kberg-Berlin.

Psychotronic Guns + Butter: A LIVE cinematic tour through the seamier sides of mass media manipulations, mind colonization and the escape routes +/or possible happy ending(s). FREE + Voku. at Spuk Kommune, Berlin

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The XLt, an arts + praxis collective from San Francisco +
Berlin + around the block, present “Don’t Feed The Monsters!”

A short synopsis: A media deconstruction + self-defense project
which examines the mediated and colonized landscapes we inhabit in
a high-wired + disorienting 21st century. Via screenings of selected
international short films and feature film excerpts, captured TV +
video + net specimens, we create an educational + public forum, both comic
+ confrontational + erotic, for what we call “a psychomedia analysis session”
in order to get in touch with the social dilemmas generated by an
increasingly telepresent, disembodied + incorporated world. We encourage
a new fleshy community praxis vs. the global download village.

Fresh cinematic bits from Wikileaks, Youtube, international film +
animation festivals and other fragments from the churning Spectacle 2.0 !

SPUK KOMMUNE in Georg von Rauch Haus – Mariannenplatz 1a 10997 Berlin

SATURDAY 3. JULY  -  starting from 20.00 -   free entrance and a FRESH DINNER

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