The Great Technotopian Brainspill (part 2): 2ND Nature, A Re-Spectre Of Communism and The Separated Mind Run Double Amok


{ On the pre-sale trail of a teratological future }

Slavoj Žižek’s latest stirring article – Unbehagen In der Natur * here in eng * takes it’s cue from Freud’s Unbehagen In der Kultur or Civilization and Its Discontents (in eng.). To decipher it’s meaning + mechanism in the midday summer heat, we sense the challenge of an inverted spelunking trip, attempting to find a jewel in the vast shifting sands and a glittering desert sun. Everything is eye-catching, blinding, or a provocation to think in shadows + negatives + retraced steps. The territory indeed feels evermore threatening, but these words promise anything but a new mirage on the horizon, and at the very least we”ll get a glimpse of how far out we now stand.


{ a re-spectre of communism at Volksbuehne at 4am }

We’ll have to let it settle in, but the basic conclusion of restoring a path to Large Collective Decisions was the clear emergency beacon of this weekend’s Idea Of Communism event at Volksbuehne. Surprisingly grounded.

More Xlt analysis coming soon…


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