XLt Blurbs: Head-On Summertime v.2: Charlotte, USSF, G20, etc.

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< 28.6 > Charlottte Gainsbourg at Volksbuehne ( ausverkauft )

Jaja, Fusion Festival is this weekend, but we’ve been asking ourselves lately: Will the heart ever find Anything in a supermarket??… 80,000+ people at a former DDR/Soviet airbase. Well it’s worth experiencing at least once, but we’re a little cynical about the big festivals these days. Nothing against Fusion, they are one of the better organizing teams for such things. But an overdose of input, and we’d argue too little social output, if any.  But if you’re out there, we do wish ya loads of Fun!! Last year was a great experience for the XLt working with AK Kraak Kollectiv at the info desks ( and some funny moments of some very lost partiers) and performing with Animal Cops, but this year we’re feeling FAR TOO SERIOUS to take time away!

Of course the really big co-creatin’ shit is happening < Now > in Detroit, at the US Social Forum, standby for reports. Demo Now’s usually got a pretty good pro-active scoop. And then of course there’s the usual cat+mouse w/ empire < Now> in Toronto at the G20, standby for reports. Here’s Submedia TV on the beat!

And then of course there’s the increasingly dire news of the Oiligarchy’s Gusher in The Gulf which is NOT turning the world’s oceans into paradise for all, but a toxic soup for you and all our relations:


{ Via: Fuck You Very Much, Dk }

Standby, love + war are only just beginning !


{ … But it’s the Republicrats + Neo Libs who are the Pinks! }

< 25-27.6 > Idea of Communism. Philosophy and Art at Volksbuehne led by Alain Badiou (Paris) and Slavoj Žižek (Ljubljana). Pricey stuff, but sure to give your brain and operating systems a hard kick. With a significant number of Eastern European trippers, it’s time to ask (again) : But all those social dynamics based on the interests, desires and needs of individuals, aren’t they always pathological?


3. 7 > Dead Prez at Yaam


< 22-25.6 > Velo-City 2010 is happening NOW in Copenhagen. We’ll try to get some reports from our friends from Carbusters magazine. Velo-city is widely respected as the premier international cyclists’ planning conference series in the world, the first  of which occurred Bremen in 1980… Happy 3oth!


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