The Great Technotopian Brainspill and The Rape’s Progress


{ The ingenious work of Ryohei Hase }


Ever wonder why it’s always one giant leap for mankind and 3 steps backward for life on the planet ??!

XLterrestrials have been researching the “Technotopian” mindset for some time, with the intent to illuminate that there is not only little evidence that technology leads to a sum benefit for society as a whole, but more pertinently, a wide range of technological inventions in the current predatory landscape tend to increase the chances that the planet could soon be rendered uninhabitable. *

Naomi Klein’s latest article on The Gulf oil spill: A hole in the world gets at the roots of what the XLt term the Technotopian Rape Of The Earth, by analyzing the psychopathic tilt deeply entrenched in the code of the scientific revolution of the western world since the 1600s. In the words of Francis Bacon, whose infamous bent to harness the forces of nature for Mankind’s “progress”, could be the mission statement for every corporate capitalist practicing wholesale debauchery today:

“I am come in very truth leading to you Nature with all her children to bind her to your service and make her your slave.” Novum Organum, 1620.

From Liology blog:
>> Bacon’s favorite metaphor of the natural world was that of a powerful woman who needed to be conquered and subdued. … [and] viewed science as the means to gain power over Nature, “to conquer and subdue her, to shake her to her foundations.” Bacon’s metaphors might sound disconcerting to our 21st century sensibilities, but they form the foundation of the Western view of science. <<

Furthermore Klein touches on the psychogeographic reign of terror (+ reductionism) that leads to a civilization succumbing to the new religion … of Man’s rape + reason :

” Virtually all indigenous cultures have myths about gods and spirits living in the natural world – in rocks, mountains, glaciers, forests – as did European culture before the scientific revolution. Katja Neves, an anthropologist at Concordia University, points out that the practice serves a practical purpose. Calling the Earth “sacred” is another way of expressing humility in the face of forces we do not fully comprehend. When something is sacred, it demands that we proceed with caution. Even awe.” ANd to add, RESPECT !

A similar point we’ve also noted in Jung’s writing here on the Podopolog (link).

And man’s faith in western science appears to become the new (misogynist) theocracy, as Jaron Lanier recently described the new Singularity priests, which include a whole host of the new elite exploitationists from Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google to the viagran futurist Raymond Kurzweil … but more on that in an upcoming episode: Technotopians 2.0.

* The question arises, could scientific advancement transcend its negatives, if the “user” + the society were provided a new operating system upon which these new tools would run ?

Added: And a controversial idea which surfaced today ( which we can attribute to a Father’s Day experience meets Summer Solstice) to provoke some new thinking on the subject:

Unfortunately José Saramago will not become an advisor to “A Technotopian Crimes Commission“, but before he passed away (18.6.2010), he expressed wishes to pause the world for 50 years to find the courage to say that the stage of development we have reached is good enough. [And to] devote energies for a 1/2 century to helping the millions (or billions?) who have been left behind to catch up.” Otherwise known as reparations!?

R.i.p. José , the Guardian’s obituary


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