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{ Julian Assange foto by Phillip Toledano, New Yorker article. see below }

Added : Update#4: 22.6.10: Assange reappears in Brussels, see below.

The news on the net streets is that the Pentagon is  looking for Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange. It should be no surprise the Pentagon will want to “talk” to justice fighters who have the upper hand. And apparently it’s not yet clear whether the apparatus of state secrets fully grasps what Whac-a-mole game they’ve just entered. There are unknown numbers of internet ninjas and/or good citizens who will keep the world safe for true journalism… and whistleblowers! And Wikileaks has managed to create a pioneering information society / architecture that’s going to have some pretty dodgy + odious players on the run for a looong time to come !!

Here’s a few links to follow the tales of remarkable citizens. The story of Wikileaks and Assange is A MUST READ for 21st century crime fighters and transparency engineers and gardeners for social justice:

Pentagon hunts WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in bid to gag website, Guardian

No Secrets, Julian Assange’s mission for total transparency, New Yorker

Jeremy Scahill Talks Minerals, Wikileaks and Blackwater with Laura Flanders, The Nation / Grit TV

Our wide-angle XLt take is Wikileaks may be in a position to “buy” some leverage for Bradley Manning, the soldier who allegedly leaked the”Collateral Murder” footage revealing US war crimes in the streets of Baghdad ( showing the killing of 2 Reuters journalists, a number of others, and a 2nd attack upon unarmed civilians coming to the aid of the wounded, including 2 children), arrested last week. But we may never see the full story, as the complexities unfold. But we can be sure it’s not going to be a pretty picture for those who are hoping to bury their darkest secrets.


… could become as important a journalistic tool
as the Freedom of Information Act.

— Time Magazine

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, m*therf*ckers!


The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, the press freedom bill championed by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was passed by Iceland Parliament last night!

Hear all those Vuvuzela horns blaring in the streets !!?

Here’s what that means to a Global Society and for the advancement of (government) transparency. At Beyond the Beyond column at Wired.

Update #2:

WikiLeaks to Release Video of Deadly US Afghan Attack, Guardian

Update #3:

Daniel Ellsberg states on Democracy Now that Obama’s escalation of renditions, assasinations and executive powers ( beyond any president, or even of any western govt. in history) puts Julian Assange in increased danger… and it’s outrageous! [AND US corruption has recently led to whistleblowers getting jail time, and serious governmental crimes are continually being thrown out of court. Even the Supreme Court has become complicit in torture, with their latest decison on the Maher Arar case.] Interview w/ Ellsberg, Greenwald, and Birgitta Jonsdottir, a member of the Icelandic Parliament and contributor to Wikileaks:

With Rumored Manhunt for Wikileaks Founder and Arrest of Alleged Leaker of Video Showing Iraq Killings, Obama Admin Escalates Crackdown on Whistleblowers of Classified Information, Democracy Now

Update#4: 22.6.10 Assange reappears, exactly where he should be, speaking at a seminar on freedom of information at the European parliament!

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange breaks cover but will avoid America, Guardian



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