Freak Show vs. Freak Show, and the clock is ticking…


{ circus charivari just “outside the fences” of Btropolis }

In all seriousness ; ) if DIY theater could be codified into a wide-spread social outbreak, could the escape hatch of art then become an uncontainable leak of the irrational psyche in action? Not as a black hole but a color-spectrum gusher which could paint all order of darkness into a top hat and presto! be disappeared … like a stuffed rabbit sent into the ether for a restuffing, or more importantly, a detaxidermification !?

No really! Theater “hackers” may be more dangerous than any purely technological construct! ; )

You are laughing, but witness the hordes spreading across the city and congregating across the globe to absorb the latest codex of nationalistic games + embedded consumer programming w/ its “electrified” borders, The World Cup. Observe and you may ultimately have to admit that a freak show media-circus stripped to its most conservative and exploitative minimum/microcosm ALREADY has a tight grip and a monpoly on consensus reality making for the next few weeks. Problem is it’s just not of your own making. And this is just one tar ball spectacle of the spiralling continuum, and  limited to extremely outdated screen-mode absorption. Also consider mass media may never be un-weaponized, it is a predatory tool for cropping and capturing and privatizing the public mind.


Over the years, one of our XLterrestrial associates occasionally worked with a number of nomadic circus troupes like Circus Contraption and Bindlestiff Theater ( an Autonomedia production) as they rode into town, and a lot of off-the-grid theater events in general. They were often infused with “psychomagic ritual” which levitated audiences into the red-curtained realms of cheap laughs, sleight-of-hand tricks, vulgar bite-sized spectacle and voyeuristic peepshows of oddly Other existences.

And just the other night we entered the magick circle of a temporary squatted gypsy caravan zone where Circus Charivari had assembled a raw ritual of freaks to repossess the live art (+ anti-art) form w/ amatuer-to-adept cheesoid-tainment for everyone under the big top to taste the possible liberation outside those rational + clipped-wing perimeters of institutional culture + the consumer-grade culture feed. And the circus is a pass-the-hat affair, so pay-what-u-can! Check Charivari site for performance schedules.


{ Frickel Fraction’s Kick It clip for WM2006 }

Meanwhile at the other end of the spectrum, today we passed dozens of street-side set-ups of TVs beaming the same old tricks. The score was Germany 4, Australia null… and one little curbside gathering was chanting “Deutschland! Deutschland!”as we passed.

Nothing truly against the sport itself, but lest we forget The MAN behind the drab Curtain, see this little mash-up made by Frickel Fraktion to preclude the waving of flags uberalles ( in this case Germany, and a minor assortment of other colors like Turkey ) as the WM took hold in 2006 will help you reminisce about the big mass medium game. Kick IT! Watch Here!

And here’s Adorno’s analysis, in a slightly more concise and less splash + splatter form ( auf deutsch, standby we’re working on an eng translation).

Freak Show vs. Freak Show, and the clock is ticking…



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