Moving Forest: The People’s Front as a Frequency Swarm

moving forest

A multitude of art groups converge at Transmediale to render the final scene of Kurosawa’s version of Macbeth, Spider Web Castle ( aka Throne of Blood 1957). A 12 minute scene expanded to a 12 hour sonic collage, orchestrated by Shu Lea Cheang and Moving Forest.

Mikro.FM is one of the groups you can join in this participatory event. Read the call, meeting point, instructions, etc. on their site. Meeting is TODAY, Feb 1st at 18:00h in front of the JVA Moabit prison, a sort of storming of the Bastille in theatrical reverse, ( Instructions provide a list of radio gear to bring, but please note you can join this event without anything and just walk with the moving sound installation, an additional request might be to bring some form of illumination, i.e. bike lamp.)


The scenario: The final sequences of “Spider Web Castle” : inside the castle, Lady Washizu (aka lady Macbeth) persistently washes her imaginary bloody hands while Lord Washizu (aka Macbeth) catches thousands of arrows launched by his own archers in a spectacular showdown; outside the castle, the SpiderWeb forest, the oppositional force in camouflage, advance towards the castle. “How can a forest move? It must be a vision.” Lord Washizu utters in frenzy as he recalls the prediction from the witch in the forest – “You will never lose a single battle, unless the Spider Web forest begin to move and approach the castle.” The drama unfolded are tales of greed, ambition, betrayal, revenge, rebellion, and civil resistance.

XL Terrestrial analysis coming soon.

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