Invitations To Spectacular Dissent +/or Escape Artistry +/or Day-to-Day Creative Living


{ FRANCISZEK STAROWIEYSKI … and revisiting the ABCs of Transmigration }

Recent participation in the Globale doc Fest and The Documentary Forum 1 in Berlin combined with the painful miasma of recent news flow from the unabated (and undistancible ) toxic BP spillage + plunder+ spin, Republicrat complicities, and the mad dog political game theory fired upon the heads of humanitarian aid workers at point blank aboard the Gaza Flotilla, the source of an internal eruption forces us to reformulate a current invitation to spectacular dissent and/or a fully-armed escape artistry and/or day-to-day creative living!

As we were redrawn into the volatile psychogeographic memory of Antonin Artaud + The Living Theater in a media mash-up presentation by Angela Melitopolous and Brian Holmes called Moeglichkeitsraum: Extra-Disciplinary Art and Media Activism ( at the Forum), there are suddenly so many angles + breaches at the gate by which to re-vision those XLterrestrial Transmigration forecasts and strategies, which make visceral our collective desire to deconstruct the dream machines… violently, amorously, seductively, irresistably, irreparably, randomly, meticulously, repeatedly.

But beyond the taking apart, with an equal or greater force, must come the grounding of a new creative environment, inhabitable, inhalable, caressable, accessible, by-any- means possible, and immediately do-able.


We are currently immersed in Brian’s latest book, and if there’s time, we’ll be adding some selected views + excerpts. Meanwhile a highly recommended resource is his writing at Continental Drift.


{ currently in the festival circuit and opening in cinemas in France }

Also a timely encounter for us was seeing Jaffa, The Orange’s Clockwork ( at Globale ) by Israeli doc maker Eyal Sivan. Not to be missed! An invaluable resurfacing and restoration of rare archival materials and personal accounts regarding the Port of Jaffa, now a suburb of Tel Aviv.  In an untangling tale of one local region and its former times as a vibrant citrus exporter, Sivan tactfully reconstructs a picture of the true life in Palestine before the occupation and destruction, which counters and dissects the Zionist propaganda that so efficiently obscures its brazen and violent takeover.


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