What’s the big deal? i can hold my breath at 5,000 feet if Israel and BP tell me to!


{ the politicians are easily capped, no worries! }

What’s-the-big-deal?- Biden’s appearance on Charlie Rose is an amazingly slick piece of work. And a very telling interview of just how far below sea level the Republicrat Ship Of State can actually go. The puppetry and engineering of wide-ranging policies by Transnationals, Wall Street, Oiligarchy, Insurance Companies, the domestic war machinery and even Israeli pirates+warlords are spewing unabated policy plumes below the surface that are business-as-spineless-usual and immeasurably destructive to international relations and our habitat for years to come!

Just in regards to “Health Care Reform”, in the same breath as championing an Obamatron job well done, Biden admits it was barely a notch above NIXON’s goals more than 30 years ago. And by “above” we have to assume he means less sinister, but may also be interpreted as even more accomplished collusion with thieves and privatizing corporate debauchery. Either way you look at it, one up from Nixon, wow that’s a high bar… heck of a job Biden!

And the U.S. providing cover for Israel’s massacre in international waters is nauseating!

In the case of humitarian workers on the Gaza Flotilla being murdered by IDF special forces, some very important points which are in fact going to become A VERY BIG DEAL, and important to keep an eye on as international investigations (and pressing legal charges) continue :

1. One of 9 casualties, reported thus far, is a US citizen 2. Challenger I, another ship in the flotilla is a U.S.-flagged vessel, 3. multiple testimonies are that shooting began before the commandos ever landed on the ship 4. the Rachel Corrie ship ( which was allegedly sabotaged and didn’t sail in the initial flotilla, now repaired) is sailing towards Gaza now in a 2nd attempt to break the blockade.


{ from Lying About the Gaza Flotilla Disaster by MJ Rosenberg }


{ the victims of the BP spill you’re not seeing in the media }

More reports coming in about BP capping not just the politicians, but the coast guard, media+journalists and local citizens…

Stay tune for more XLt analysis.

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