transmediale 08 : dorkbot Bln#5, spider webs and moving forests, measuring the electro shock…

moving forest


[ imagery from Kurosawa's Throne of Blood and ]

The unofficial opening of Transmediale 08 festival ( kicks off 2nite, 28.1.08 at C-base ( the space station/ e.V. cooperative for geek culture enthusiasts ) with the 5th annual installment of Dorkbot Berlin, which is the international rhizome of salons under the banner of people ” doing strange things with electricity”.

Podcast, streams, blog reports, and interviews at:

Presenters include:

- mikro.FM: “Your friendly neighborhood micro transmitter network and how to join in.”

- Fabienne “fbz” Serriere: “Future Fabrics: construction techniques for wearables with flexible and washable circuitry.

- The Moving Forest team presents its electronic gadgets -introducing Ricardo from New York with his Radio Gun Revolt, Martin from Berlin with his Scrying Boards, and Pit from Backyard Radio

- 02L – Outside Standing Level: “Unità Zero”, 32 possible combinations of videos and vibrating mixed audio sequences, triggered by stepping feet.

dorkbot.bln will be hosted by discordian evangelist Tim Pritlove.

We cut -and-paste the line-up from:

The high-wired and nomadic bloggers (i.e. Regine Debatty) based in Belgium
also co-producers of Dorkbot-Bln – v.5, who will be on hand for more reports throughout Transmediale festival which runs from Jan.29-Feb2.

And the XL Terrestrial psycho-media analysts will be on hand to measure the electro-shocks… to see if all the technological *Bling* is expanding or bulk erasing the human brain.


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