Terror In International Waters, Gaza Flotilla Attacked, and An XLt Pirate Guide


{ Image from the FB page: Outrage over the Freedom Flotilla Massacre }

It seems that everybody wants to be a pirate these days, but which kind?? Please consult the XLt’s good pirate / bad pirate guide below. But before we get into that complex Psychomedia Analysis theme, there’s dismal news to analyze in the Middle East conflict.

Turkish foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu sums up the Israeli attack in 49sec. HERE.

And Caoimhe Butterly (Gaza TV News) in a video made prior to the attack, asking for solidarity in the event of such a criminal act. HERE.

And a MUST READ, Robert Fisk’s “Western leaders are too cowardly to help save lives” … “The world is tired of these outrages. Only the politicians are silent.”


Good Pirate / Bad Pirate

An XLt Special Guide ( work-in-progress )

Johnny Depp via Jerry Bruckheimer’s Hollywood productions seem to have colonized and dominated the current iconography (and imagination) of the pirate these days with little concern for revealing the rich complexities and true legends and practices of the territory. And while many people from all sides of the political spectrum might fantasize themselves in the role, we can safely say that Jerry is a Pirate of the lowest order, not to mention one of the most odious filmmakers to ever be in the business. If there is a rung in Dante’s Inferno for colonialists and imperial propagandists, he will no doubt share the merciless flames with those Zionist masters of the art like Netanyahu (pic above).

Johnny Depp himself, while a convincing and captivating actor, would for a general purposes chart fall into the category of Mediocre pirate, since he is merely an avatar for the Military Entertainment Complex and has accomplished very little on the scale of positive pirate actualization. And since he serves the Hollywood machine would therefore appear on the XLt chart in the bad column. Clearly Pirates of The Caribbean films work against the advancement of positive, practical and/or tactical pirate stereotypes.


{ MediaSpree Entern! poster in B-mitte, culture jams on the higher seas }

Nevertheless Depp’s pirate imagery is still redeemable thru acts of piracy jams and recontextualization, a fine example of which currently exists in Berlin utilizing his character for the MediaSpree Versenken + MediaSpree Entern campaigns ( Entern means “to board”, i.e. a ship ).  Projects focus on protecting communities from land speculation and anti-democratic urban development.

In other words, pirate tales inspiring and conspiring means to strengthening neighborhood self-determination + solidarity. The latter encapsulated in the slogan Wir Bleiben Alle , “All of us are staying”, a slogan which engenders the fight to protect the domain of low-income and anti-income residents, a harbor for a sector of society which does not participate in unsustainable economic growth, for example).

This month’s StressFaktor program, a guide to activist/anarchist/community in Berlin online and printed monthly, has a cover donning the pirate Jack Sparrow in service to the local cause.

Good pirates and bad pirates may both think in terms of the old traditions of creating “safe harbors”… for their operations. And it is important to distinguish the motivations and the territories of each. There are harbors for criminal enterprises and harbors for temporary autonomous zones. These are to 2 poles by which to measure and chart pirate activities. But the waters can get muddy even when the pirate sails under the flag of true community evolution.


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