Last day of mikro.FM’s Radiowoche???

johnheartfield green

On the 9th day of Radiowoche 2008, mikro.FM invites guests from a wide spectrum of Berlin communities ( and beyond) such as dj nordpolzigeuner und dj mona, guests from der koepi (where all punk bands from the east eventually land, so we’ve been told ), reports from funkhaus uelzen, freies radio wendland, and a satirical show from the folks from club der polnischen versager with dj manio from Pigasus gallery, the store on Torstrasse with Polish posters galore and one of the best eclectic music selections from the eastern territories covering Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and more. Later in the evening there’s a live show from des dub pub (known from camp tipsie ) …all Live from the bootlab in Tacheles oranienburger strasse 54 – enjoy :)

Last Day of Mikro.FM??

Well, the end of a 9 day free radio world tour…

BUT is just getting warmed up for bigger things, more and more and even smaller? transmitters, more frequency for radio communities in Brandenberg, and real communities ON the AIR !!

Be sure to keep an eye and ear on the site, for archives, actions, information and expanding media consciousness and public access… spread the word, send us feedback, join the waves!!

the mikro.FM crew

hmmmm. grumble, grumble… there’s even a murdyspace, grumble Here. May all the bands of the world eat Murdy from the inside out!

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