The End Of An Oiligarchy v.10: Now’s The Time ! Actions + Resources


{ Code Pink against the Oiligarchs’ war in Afghanistan }


{ Not Pictures From The Gulf! Where Are They??! BP controlling what you see! }

XLterrestrials compile Actions + Resources in response to the BP/Halliburton/Transocean/Republicrat Oil Devastation + Business As Usual. We welcome sending us your favorite active links !! Keep in mind not everything you’ll need to know is online, and this list can only serve as a very inadequate map of actions + ideas that May be better utilized to inspire self-initiated and local community actions… far from the virtual info swamps, and mere clicks of support.

-  work-in-progress  -

Actions + Resources … Against BP and Beyond:

Occupation of BP stationS:!/event.php?eid=125268500830217&ref=mf

1,000,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling!/dontdrill?ref=ts

SPill Baby Spill, The Gulf Disaster Unfiltered

Rising Tide

Boycott BP!/pages/Boycott-BP/119101198107726


Greenpeace UK / Art For A Change : Contest to Redesign BP Logo



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