XLt blurbs: reclaiming days + reopening nights

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< 27.Mai – 02.Juni > Globale 2010 im Moviemento Kino, Berlin : Let there be films, disputes, love, confusion and surprise!

Great themes : Migration, Gentrification, Risiko Kapital, GenTech & Latin America, Sexual Liberation, etc…

+ Workshops + Panels + Actions, i.e. :

< 25.9 > + “Becoming Media” a special panel w/ Ak Kraak, Kanal B, XLterrestrials, Joanne Richardson and Dmytri Kleiner ( from Telekommunisten ) im Raum des Allmende
e.V., Kottbusser Damm 25-26, Berlin- 14:00 h -

What happened to the idea of media democratization through “more cameras
and laptops” that was born in Seattle? Instead of creating a wealth of
information by multiplying voices and perspectives, the euphoria of
becoming the media has produced huge fortunes through platforms like
Youtube. How has Web 2.0 altered the social relationships of peer to peer
networks? And with the fragmentation of the general public into
increasingly specialized niches of consumers, has counter-information
become a commodity “preaching to the converted”? Globale proposes this
roundtable as the starting point for a critical self-reflection about what
it means to be a political film festival, and to make a political use of
images. (Discussion in English)

The XLterrestrials’ unveil a new theme: The Great Technotopian Brainspill ! Coming soon to a theater near you! Stay tune for accompanying texts... and here’s a few visual starters:


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< 30.5> TONIGHT ONLY, Pirate Cinema is back with an astounding double feature at B_Books, 21:00h (come early, it’s tiny), Berlin :


{ It Felt Like A Kiss, Adam Curtis 2009 }


{ Socialism, Godard 2010 }

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< 31.5 > Secret Chiefs 3 at Roter Salon,  < 3-5.6 > Check Bounds Festival at Stadtbad Wedding, and and and…

Sleep is not an option!



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