The End Of An Oiligarchy v.9: The Calm Corporate Sandman Will Come To Rip You Apart In His Dreams!


ONE DEAD HERON is not a picture of what is happening in the Gulf! FUCK THE COPORATE MEDIA !!!!!

“1000s of dead rotting carcasses washing ashore aren’t really good material inbetween our sponsors’ advertisements” said news editor channel X, said the BP damage control agencies, said the govt. toady, said the coiffured newscasters with their six digit contracts, said the salesman of the NEXT Oil ( and water ) War, said the engineers + profiteers of the next Oil Operation ( like the Arctic this summer ).  The OIL INDUSTRY SLAUGHTER looks more like this:


None of these pictures are from The Gulf, but we think it’s vital to give an idea of what the Oiligarchy’s business really looks like…

There are no pictures yet of all the dead washing up on the shores, and it will not be easy to get them. Workers who are hired by BP, the govt., the states and counties are signing contracts which contain non-disclosure agreements. And reports are coming in from journalists ( i.e. AL Jazeera ) that access to the coastline in Louisianna is being tightly controlled. And presumably wherever else the currents and tides will wash the carnage ashore.

Read Mother Jones’ latest report describing the news lockdown.

If you have any links to images fresh from the Gulf, please alert us! And any pictures from the Oil Wars, spread them!

Note: as we were searching for oil spill pictures we came across victims of the Persian Gulf, which included children born with deformities from depleted uranium. BP ( and too many others to list here ) are part of that game as well, never having stated anything in regard to the atrocities that continue occurring there, as they position themselves to control and profit from the natural resources in places like Iraq. [ We have decided Not to show these, as some things are so disturbing that they are likely to immobilize the average viewer into severe depression, and create an inability to act.  ]

If we do not provoke public outrage now, nothing will change. And the 1000s of oil rigs around the planet will continue drilling ( without a rational plan for any sustainable future), and the oil heads will continue to run the show, gutting the planet, business as usual !


{ XLt archives 2006, from an abandoned warehouse in the Balkans }


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