Day 8 of mikro.FM’s RadioWoche 2008


Day 8: Radiogeschichte BRD / Brandenburg

The last 2 days left in the mikro.FM project focuses on the history and current activities of free radio projects in BRD – Germany. Some special guests will be coming into the studio throughout the day. Wolfgang Mueller (photo in studio) from Die Toedliche Doris, Janusz Dewoyciechowski about deutsch/polnisch/russisches theater in Berlin, Reboot + Bootlab reps, Freies Radio in Potsdam, Heinrich Dubel and Paul Paulun, Minimatika from Zentrale Randlage, AB from Radio100, Radio Pi, Johannes with stories from Juni and Radio Riff projects, and no doubt a few surprises more!

See the MikroFM site for more schedule info, though keep in mind it’s pretty fluid and spontaneously organized and all is subject to change in the Live non-commercial anti-budget? radio “tradition”, organic, lebendig, and everything is possible at any moment.

Check out the free radio map at the Bundesverband Freier Radios:

radio karte

freies radio portal

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