The End Of An Oiligarchy v.8: Another Giant Leap For Mankind Into The Corporate Abyss


{ monkeys in space /J. Craig BP Venter }

J. Craig Venter inventing a synthetic lifeform is a bit like those early NASA space race days when they really knew how to send monkeys into space… Gordo’s parachute failed, Goliath was made into crispy space dust and Bonny had a few hours to live upon his return to earth. Can someone please sign Craig up for the first intergalactic test run along with his BP, Exxon and Novartis sponsors!??

Oh the cruel irony, BP hasn’t yet finished off The GULF, and the headlines hit yesterday that Venter supposedly creates the first artificial corporate-owned life  – well, a synthetic bacteria / cell, no doubt “in his own likeness” – in the shape of another patented BP hydrogen blimp of an idea. Vaccines, bio-fuels, pollution-eaters, from the labs of all our favorite ecocidal gamblers … oh my ! How about some hair and bigger fangs for Craig?

Given it may be a rather dubious minor advance in the massively complex process to create new life from scratch, it nevertheless seems a timely PR move to take a bit of heat+focus off the Oil Industry’s massive criminal negligence (read: atrocity enterprises ) and perhaps push the companies’ stocks back into fine form, so they can get back to the biz of making life Hell in all those wondrous ways we’ve come to expect.

This is going to require some very fine-tuned XLt analysis.


Footnote : Buzz Aldrin, as he followed Armstrong down the ladder remarked, “Magnificent desolation!”

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