mikro.FM Radiowoche 2008: in the news + banners + Day 8

STANDBY: Technical difficulties with server, the mikro.FM site is currently down (from about 1:00h -jan.8 ) , it is now 12:52 – jan.8 and we have located the problem and should be back in the next hour/minutes… But if you have already connected to the stream it is likely still in your cache and stream is functioning ( i.e. by itunes, still in your music playlist) and the local Berlin frequency(ies) are still ON AIR – try 95,2 or 107,1 or 107,7.

mikro.FM banner

mikro.FM banner2

mikro.FM banner3

Some banners for friends of FREE RADIO to use to help spread the word. And if you’re just tuning in… read plog posts below.

Today de.indymedia made a contact BUTTON from their site…

Stressfaktor puts mikro.FM on their startpage. Perhaps one of the best city guides ever invented …where else can you find listings from 5-10 “community kitchens” ( called Volxkuchen or Voku’s) seven days a week?? Both an online and printed resource, but sometimes a bit difficult to find the paper version… but try Morgenrot Cafe or Schwarze Risse Buchladung both in Kastanienallee 86 at the beginning of the month.

And Die Tageszeitung (Die Taz) has already written TWO stories ( here’s one online) and has something to do with a TV crew arriving to make a report 2morrow ( Tues.).

berlin freies radio

Radiowoche Day 8 : Free Radio in Germany

more schedule details coming soon.

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