The End Of The Oiligarchy Part 6: “BP Houston to Earth, the Donkey has landed!”


{ Donkey Kong by Spune }

“Far From the Ocean Floor, the Cleanup Starts Here”

XLterrestrials provide a NYTimes ( Science page article ) Translation:

Gulf is slowly strangled while 500 engineers + the 3 corporate stooges test new video games!

29 days after Deepwater Horizon exploded, some 500 engineers at BP offices in Houston might as well have been playing underwater Donkey Kong with 16 remotely operated vehicles in their Hotel bathtubs. 29 days later they ingeniously conclude that “the focus is now on the top-kill method of pumping heavy mud through the blowout preventer into the well.”

In other words: SHUTTING DOWN THE WELL ! Yes, forget the gushing black gold, the well-being of people and who knows how many species are at stake! Shut it Down ! Game Over !

” Houston, we’ve got a problem, Tranquility D.C., The Donkey Has Landed ! “

A line remixed from Neil Armstrong’s quote as “The Eagle” landed on the Moon. Yes, and upon reflection, it’s strikingly odd symbolism then, as it is now, from a technology obsessed culture. And with Tony Hayward’s quaint analogies with one of NASA’s later failed mission(s), he claimed that the drilling shouldn’t stop with X number of f*ck-ups. Here the XLterrestrials see an interesting juxtaposition, perhaps also with one of NASA’s perceived successes, which requires some serious rethinking.  Where exactly do these corporate and military high-rollers of “progress” wish to take us??

“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind” says Neil. And interesting to note that when Buzz Aldrin followed him down the ladder, he remarked,” “Magnificent desolation!”

Meanwhile this ain’t no NASA moment, and citizens of earth are left to fantasize about when people like Hayward and his BP America cohorts, Republicrats, Transocean + Halliburton will land in the legal dock… or on the chopping block ?? But we best not hold our breaths, in these alien landscapes and these simulated realities, these Mission Control games. Better we act as soon as possible to take back our home planet from the lunatics !


{ Chris Oynes, associate dir. MMS }

Meanwhile one figurehead falls… or rolls back into bed. The lackey government official responsible for offshore energy oversight, associate director of the Offshore Energy and Minerals Management Program at the Mineral Management Service appointed under the Bush administration… ANNOUNCES he’s stepping down. Whewff, rough days for those lackeys. That’ll teach em!

Anyone care to take a stab at the technology angle on this story:  that epic big budget virtual solutions ( techno-necrophilia )  to REAL on-the-ground eco-disaster is a sign of the GameBoy times ??!

Btw, we did promise to move on from news-sponge analysis and get pro-active + tactical, but it’s just soooo damn easy to get lost in that endless hairball of cynicism, when the corporatocracy continues to be so utterly useless … and ecocidal !

so, tbc…

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