The End Of The Oligarchy Part 5: Black Math Junky Crude, The Oil Crocs + Resources


{ Out for a walk w/ BP America }

“In a closed-door briefing for members of Congress, a senior BP executive conceded Tuesday that the ruptured oil well could conceivably spill as much as 60,000 barrels a day of oil, more than 10 times the estimate of the current flow.” ( last week )

Worse case scenario ? Who knows? Today, Guardian UK has some new speculative analysis at 70,000 barrels.


In the crocodile brain of a BP executive that’s about $4,664,400 of black gold spilling into the sea per day ( at jan. barrel prices: $77.74 ), and they don’t think about sea turtles too often, unless it’s the soup of the day. If miles below the sea bed an oil deposit of 4 million, 10million, 20 million or More awaits extraction, that’s a figure that’s not likely going to be discussed in public. But if we calculate the middle number, it’s a gold mine worth $777,740,000.


BP execs don’t think much about potential disasters unleashed, nor when they occur about their carcinogenic effects, not in days, months nor decades.  And probably not much about the daily food they eat and where it comes from, cause 1. They may live about as far away from Louisianna as snakes and crocodiles do from the North Pole, but 2. Being too squinty-eyed and dim to realize in their Black Math Junky Crude that their oil business spans the globe’s fishing waters… they and their children might be having dinner from the same black ocean tar pits, and the same f*cked planet.

And it should be noted here, if you think it’s a bad story in the Gulf, it’s high time to look around and see where all that other petroleum is coming from and at what human + environmental cost ! Look for example at what the oil industry has done to places like Nigeria, Ecuador and Indonesia. Places where currently there is truly miniscule hope for legal recourse when being raped by the corporate machine.

Added: Quest for Oil Leaves Trail of Damage Across the Globe by Tom Knudson / McClatchy Newspapers


{ the Oil Crocs : John Hofmeister, prez. -Shell Oil Co.; Peter Robertson, vice chair. Board of Directors -Chevron Corp.; John Lowe, executive vp – Exploration and Production – Conoco Phillips; Robert Malone, chairman and prez. – BP America, and Steve Simon, senior vp – Exxon Mobil Corp. in D.C., 2008 }

2nd in is BP America’s former chief Bob Malone ( before moving on in 2008, though still on the board of directors at Halliburton ) this picture was taken at Senate hearings a couple years back as all Big Oil reps testified and obfuscated about a variety of oil scams + price gouging that continue today. Ya know, why they’re making record profits, while the wars for oil are getting more and more outta hand and falling like cement blocks from skyscrapers onto the heads of innocent civilians -over 1,000,000 iraqis dead – and into consumer + tax payers laps. Not much resulted. Regulations? New energy plans ? Haha. Not while the dollars are flowing, baby! Better to pay your way into self-regulating power, eh?

This was before Bob passed on American BP reigns to Lamar McKay, who looks more like a cross-eyed puppy dog in comparison. Not that anyone could precisely predict when the next rig’s gonna blow, but surely someone at the top’s gonna have a little insight that in a risky Biz the shit’s about to fly at anytime.


And then there’s the masters of Croc, Bush+Cheney. The Gulf was rigged for tragedy by 8 years of their deregulation and feeding their corporate buddies.

And we’re all still playing along to their tune in varying degrees… whether you’re still driving cars ( not carpooling, biking, public transit, etc. ), allowing your banks + stockbrokers to use your money for unsustainable investments, or just forgetting to bring a cloth sack to the grocer’s instead of all those plastic bags. That list goes about as deep as the drilling in the Gulf. Time’s way overdue for real change! On the micro and macro levels.

GLOBAL CITIZENS must Mobilize! And that’s gonna take plans, lots of plans…


So 23 days after the spill, if you still think you’re living in a democracy where a govt. is elected and serves to protect the public, you might be wondering why they did not demand immediate solutions for capping, rather than continue to let the crocodiles decide how to proceed.

If they have robot submersibles to construct elaborate drilling mechanisms + structure at those depths, then how hard is is to lower giant cement blocks, or a real (concave) dome that covers the pipe and/or hole in the ocean floor ??! Well that doesn’t seem to be an urgent option for blood-sucking, crude spilling industries like BP, Shell, Chevron, and all the Figure Head$ on Kapital Hill.

All those crocodile brains are busy at the helm, cashing in at the bank, and looking oh-so-serious at each other from either side of the tables at senate hearings, and still firmly shaking those oily claws afterward.

And you may come to many conclusions from there… And a lot of them are NOt pretty…

Maybe one way out is for the citizens working together in their local circles to extract Themselves from the endgames + casinos + eco-cide. This end of the OIligarchy isn’t a chess board with moves + exits like rooks to queens, pawns to castles. It’s off the scale, it’s making your life irreducible to both economic checkmates + checkout registers. Making your life unquantifiable, untraceable, uncontainable, indivisible and even invisible to those outside your circles, to those corporations who are your Übernatural predators.  You might find where your day-to-day actions slip through the grids and pixels and dump sites of all those apocalyptic reruns are where it’s really happening. It’s a mercury wave to their black sludge. Ain’t no robot siphons fast enough to suck This River gushing as wide as your ever-expanding community on the global scale.

Or continue to play the game…



How Much Oil Has Leaked Into the Gulf of Mexico? PBS news w/ an interesting oil spill counter.

A Parents’ Guide to the Gulf Oil Spill … If you want things broken down quick and simple. Wired summarizes. Note: Normally we aren’t too keen about linking Wired, the neo-tech-cons who tend to push us off the cliff of every new corporate trend that comes along, and then when it’s way too late will run their cool critiques.


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