The End Of An OILigarchy – Part 3 : Tales of the BP Sharks !?


{ A not-yet-identified shark washed up on the shores of Louisianna, Tony Hayward or Sir John Browne ?! perhaps}

The best foto journalism on the BP spill thus far that we’ve seen has been at The Miami Herald, but don’t expect any TEXT coming from the corporate puppetry to be as revealing.

The first round of BP solutions fails. The ‘dome’ isn’t working because of “ice-crystals” in the cold depths forming at the top of the container, which would hinder a strategy for further OIL EXTRACTION, but no one’s asking if it will work to PLUG THE FUCKING SPILL !

And as yet it appears no major media has the muster to even investigate such obvious questions such as: Is BP still looking out for BP ? Are they seeking CAPPING solutions OR extracting solutions ??! Is anyone stupid enough to trust a BP press release or solutions from engineers on the BP payroll ?!! Is the U.S. govt. forming any of its own alternative plans to this GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL SECURITY THREAT ?!! And/or are than any plans on the table to reel in BP and OTHER Oil sharks ??! Are any of the dozens ( correction: HUNDREDS ) of existing rigs in The Gulf (or 1000s everywhere else) undergoing new investigations of safety violations ??!

The 1st wave of victims in this latest BP eco-slaughter were 11 workers dead. And has anyone seen any updates about the critically injured??  Would the imagery of charred corpses and burned survivors be too nasty for BP’s DAILY ongoing dirty business. Btw Greg Palast mentioned one of the lifeboats, which are like ejectable capsules, was found pretty cooked. The 2nd wave was the loss of fishing jobs. Third is the dead marine life as it starts washing up on the shores of Louisianna and Alabama.


And should it be long before the Republicrats + the corporate media who have  scurried up to their masters for the next plan, the next industry PR blather, the next criminal business game and eco-cide, start washing belly up on the shores of Lobbydom, D.C. ??!


Tales from the lackey side:

Sarah Arnott: Our hunt for black gold must go on ( Not in the the NYTimesHole or the Wall Street du Jour, but The Independent UK. Sad but true.) Arnott somehow manages to argue the idea that “abandoning ultra-deep drilling is a luxury we simply do not have” without taking her pants off and revealing the i LUV BIG RIGS tattoo on her right buttock.

Hey but she is the first certifiable lackey since the Deepwater Spill to mention Thunder Horse, the largest rig ever constructed, which continues to pump out 250,000 barrels of oil from the Gulf every day. Is anybody wondering how safe THAT and the OTHER 819 rigs are ? That # comes from a 2005 CS Monitor piece and mentions that there are as many as 4000 structures/platforms in the Gulf alone, and 819 being the number currently operated. And one focus of the article is their safety in Hurricanes.

Readers respond to Arnott :

Life without oil supply is almost inconceivable to imagine, nonetheless that time is fast approaching whether we like it or not.
Exploiting reserves which are difficult to access and a few years ago where deemed uneconomical. becomes increasingly attractive to the oil extraction industry.
The environmental risks increase dramatically and the costs will soar to a point where oil based products become increasingly expensive. No longer available to the masses.
That is why the complacency over developing alternative, renewable energy supplies must come to an end.
If we have the technology to drill wells 5,000ft below the sea then we surly have the technology to develop viable alternatives.

Your argument portrays the environmentalists as rather more extreme than they actually are. Nobody is suggesting that the best response to the disaster is to immediately flip some central power switch and go without energy altogether in some kind of honourable suicide. The suggestion is simply that we speed up the hunt for, and the switch to, alternatives to fossil fuels. Your article dismisses these alternatives with a shrug of “but they are not ready yet” as if this were a simple fact like “the sun rises in the east”. This seems to ignore the obvious question: why are they not ready yet? What (or who) is obstructing their being ready? What can we do to make sure they’re ready sooner?

Maybe we can’t go cold turkey yet, but we can start to move away from our enablers and act as if we are truly interested in our own recovery from this, yes, addiction. “That’s just how it is” is just a more sophisticated form of denial.


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