HoT Spots in Berlinopolis … part 6 : 24c3


24c3 banner

The 24th Chaos Communication Congress is coming once again to the heart of Mitte at the Berliner Congress Center (BCC), under the shadow and blinking red-eyed phallus, the Fernsehenturm ( tv tower), and surrounded by the holidazed zombie shoppers of Alexanderplatz. But alas the hacker orphans, in replenished droves, come from the 4 corners tunnelling their way into the urban e-grids to re-draw the lines of communications, freezones and playspace. This time they come upon an historical backdoor by way of the Steampunk genre and a narrow and precarious passageway of themes that may hold clues for how we might go forward by accessing portals of bygone technologies and/or earlier visions for averting the technological new world order with fries and coke. At least that was how we read “Volldampf Voraus”, meaning “full steam ahead” and quickly attached the concept to our own tentacle cravings eternally poised to crush those automaton futures furiously dispensing with all organic substance.

No telling if such guests as Tim Pritlove (keynote), Johannes Grenzfurthner of Monochrom, Mitch Altman of Cornfield Electronics, Tomislav Medak and Marcell Mars of Mama Lab, Dmytri Kleiner of Telekommunisten, Yvette Krause (and friends from discussing the panoptic principle thru film clips, to Oona Leganovic and Daniel Kulla on Space Communism, Frank Rieger unveiling security nightmares of 2008, Bre of Make Magazine, and Indymedia-active Anne Roth ( who has over the last year fully experienced the fx of Stasi 2.0), … can deliver us from the maw of the technotopian-state-meets-consumer-frenzy that looks more and more like a spectacular and hypnotic swandive toward a paved and corporate wet-wired abyss??

Well just a small + somewhat random sliver sample above, check the full schedule here.

And we will certainly be on hand to follow how the story unravels.

And XL terrestrials will be teaming once again with the full media menu connoissuers and quik-on-the-draw vj/dj torrent-riders of Media Decompression, Yussarian + Lynch Merrill, to perform a few sets of ambient(?) traffic d-control in the machineraum lounge area.

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