It was a little difficult for online access during the Transylvanian part of the tour, so now that i am in Zagreb and on my way to the coast for a multimedia fest with a variety of radio and tactical media workshops ( see: ) , i hope that i will be able to plog more frequently and describe the fantastic encounters in Romania. And fotos to upload…yep. what’s up with this *%#$* wordpress upload … a task to unravel tomorrow.
Due to a slight meltdown of the caravan ( overload ) there is now a larger window of time until ecotopia festival, so we are heading out to the coastal area of istria, before criss-crossing back to hungary for a gig that we are hoping to co-produce with Tilos ( “forbidden”) radio’s weekly nites at a reclaimed/autonomous factory space called Tuzrakter.

About to hop a ride to Labin, about an hour from Riyeka, Croatia’s third largest city and a bit of a seedy port town vibe w/ tourist flows only passing thru to catch connections. …so just a short update for now . ciao.

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