Homo Modernus + Dogme 2.0(10)


{ thx to Media Decompression Berlin for the video link }

Fresh back from Danemark, the XLterrestrials have decided we need a new Triersian Dogme 2.0, NOT about making media, rather… HOW TO HANDLE (TOXIC) MEDIA ENVIRONMENTS. Under construction:

Beta test, STEP 1 : Never watch a linked video in isolation; If you are not more than 1 person watching you are probably a.) wasting your time b.) participating in the null and void of disembodied communications and c.) merely contributing to the noise/pollution of the Noosphere and corporate advertising revenues !

Ok, Ready?!

Here’s just one of many new clips that make our new XLt psychomedia analysis program DON’T FEED THE MONSTERS! a bundle of perplexing joy + anxiety + dysfunction. Watch: Homo Modernus, Tractatus Philosophicus

“If in a parallel universe Ludwig Wittgenstein and Marshall McLuhan had married, their robot child would have created something like this animation. We hope you will enjoy it.” Homo Modernus maker(s).

feedback welcome.
stay tune for more Dogme 2.0(10)!

Note: You can read the Dogme 95 declaration here, from Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg

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