XLt presents a Psychomedia Doubleheader in København, the seamier sides of mass media manipulation


{ remixed from La Antena + Bill Viola }

Dearest arts+spectacle navigators,

XLterrestrials present 2 shows in Copenhagen :: Psychomedia Analysis Parts 1+2 * “DON’T FEED THE MONSTERS!” :: A cinematic tour through the seamier sides of mass media manipulations, mind colonization + anonymity blowback … and the escape routes +/or happy ending(s).

< 14.4 > :: Weds.:: 20h at Det Poetiske Bureau
Griffenfeldsgade 52, Nørrebro
< 16.4 >:: Fri. :: 21h at F.I.T. Freie Internationale Tankstelle,
Farumgade 4-6, Nørrebro
( close to nørrebro station and nørrbrogade )

At F.I.T. afterparty w/ dr.+dj+Vj Podinski + special guests
until Late!!

XLterrestrials, an arts + praxis collective from San Francisco +
Berlin, present “Don’t Feed The Monsters!” A short synopsis: The
XLterrestrials’ Live + Interactive cinema is a media deconstruction
project which examines the mediated and colonized landscapes we
inhabit in a high-wired + disorienting 21st century. Via screenings of
selected international short films and feature film excerpts, captured
TV + video + net specimens, we create an educational + public forum,
both comic + confrontational, for what we call “a psychomedia analysis
session” in order to get in touch with the social predicaments
generated by an increasingly telepresent, disembodied + incorporated
world. We encourage a new community praxis vs. the global download

Fresh cinematic bits from Wikileaks, Youtube, international film +
animation festivals and other fragments
from the churning Spectacle 2.0 …

{ Essentially it’s a performance of someone interrupting a film screening
and giving a lecture, or is it someone interrupting a performance and giving a
lecture ?! In any case, no spectators allowed ! Interactions probable !}

Our latest event also includes a report back on the CPH climate summit while sharing + collecting strategies for an upcoming publishing project “The
Post-CPH Survival Guide”.

* Note * different films will be played at the two venues; They may be seen
as separate programs, but some new XLt experiments may occur in this
first-ever 2-part, 2-location, 2-time/space psychomedia session.

Donations Suggested, to support the XLt Media Literacy + Self-Defense Project, but no one turned away for lack of funds.

Added: dj Podinski on the 0s and 1s spinning the psychotropic eastblok bits


{ Jim Avignon for 15years Yaam celebration last year in Btown }

< 15.4 > dj Podinski at the swedish Cafe Kalaset, CPH


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