WikiLeaks on Collateral Murder + Winning The Information War

Today the information war is being won by the courageous unembedded media pioneers at Wikileaks ! THANK YOU! the Change is gonna come! ” XLt


Watch Video : Collateral Murder | 6.4.2010: Co-founder Julian Assange on Democracy Now

This imagery is essentially equivalent to the infamous Vietnam pictures of Phan Thi Kim Phúc, the young girl running naked down the road after a napalm attack on Trang Bang, or General Nguyen Ngoc Loan of the South Vietnamese Army shooting a captive soldier of North Vietnamese army, Nguyen Tat Dat, point blank in the head. It may very well signal the End Of The War, because the horror and irrationality of the atrocities that are occurring ( as Glenn Greenwald + Assange explain them, as not extraordinary, not an aberration, but business as usual ) become too much for global public consumption. We are no longer numbed, we are forced to comprehend and act! Explanations from politicians and military personnel no longer pass for civil discourse, but evasion +/or extremely dangerous, criminal  logic.

Donate to Wikileaks today, b/c if WL ever goes off the net, mass media + the net will become nothing more than a mismanaged (or fully automated)  + manicured video game for self-deluding participants. The bubble of the Irreality Inc. bursts here… in the methods + praxis of providing a safe harbor, a secure depository for professional unembedded journalism, whistleblowers, truth + social justice hunters.



{ Wikileaks at Chaos Communications Congress 2010, 26c3 }

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WikiLeaks on Collateral Murder + Winning The Information War

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“Most of the time can’t be accessed here, probably
because the site is constantly being hacked. I check it now and then
to see what new and interesting things are there. When it won’t come
up under, sometimes it comes up under Belgian internet
as and when you can’t see it that way, just type where you put in the address of the site you want to
visit, and it always comes up.”

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