XLt Spring Blurbs in OuterSpace (v.2) : Day of the Cosmonauts, OMFO’s Zero-Gravity Beats, Podrescu Sessions # 3+4 … and Digital Maoism ?!

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< 10.4 > OMFO + special guests for Tag Der Kosmonauten at Panda-Theater, Berlin, Fbook invite + details here

Lectures on space exploration… ideologies + propaganda : russian scientist Dipl. Ing. Dmitriy Puris ( TU-Berlin ) + a presentation by media expert Alexei “Raylab” Blinov (Moskau-Amsterdam-London-Kharkov) on 10,000,000 Euro for SpaceDust.

Following is Odessa’s finest inner-space-induced neo-native electrofolk artist, OMFO, on a quest for retro future grooves on the terrestrial flipsides, traversing central asian + eastern outerlimits. “zero-gravity” beats!



{ henrik vs. Hieronymous, circa 1999 }

< 6.4 + 8.4 > ab 21h: Podrescu Sessions # 3+4  at Buchhandlung Cafe, B-Mite

dj Podinskii, and his theater double, play at the Buchhandlng Cafe, Tucholskystr. 32, Berlin Mitte, 21 – 2h?? FREE! Podrescu Sessions # 3: psychotropic ostblok, emo-molitovs, carpathian, ural + yugo ballads + maybe some Live piano. # 4: special dj/vj mix on a theme we haven’t yet devised, but since it’s thursday stammtisch nites w/ Telekommunisten at Buchhandlung expect something collectively devious.

Come chill in the ol’ B-Mitte hood’s best cafe/ living room, where spontaneity + real peeps comingle, to talk, drink wine, spread out on the couches and partake in Public Secrets, i.e. slow food situationism. FRee,

Xxx Note: International Roma Day soli mix and many more, now available for TAKEOUT ! come support the djs, the musika, the XLt arts+ praxis, a NoBorders imagination for everyone ! An economic experiment + music menu! Taste w/ yur ears on : )



{ UU soundtracks for puppet theater, 2002 }

< 9.4 + 10.4 > Uzgin Uver (Hu), Psychedelic Siberian Groove at Szimpla Cafe + SupaMolly , Berlin



{ XLterrestrials:  Organisms vs. Automatons flyer, circa 2001 }

Digital Maoism ??!! u don’t say…

“The disaster related to free culture is still in its early stages… The combination of hive mind and advertising has resulted in a new knd of social contract…Wealth [is] ever more concentrated… If we can’t reformulate digital ideals before our appointment with destiny, we will have failed to bring about a better world. Instead we will usher in a dark age in which everything human is devalued. … This kind of devaluation will go into high gear when information systems become able to act without constant human intervention in the physical world through robots and other automatic gadgets. In a crowdsourced world, the peasants of the noosphere will ride a dismal boomerang between gradual impoverishment under robot-driven capitalism and a dangerously sudden, desperate socialism.”

excerpts from Jaron Lanier’s “You Are Not A Gadget”

Ok, we’ll be back to analyze, and to explain his use of the terms Digital Maosim, Cybernetic Totalism, Retropolis … and a whole incredible bundled-glossary which comes in his head-on assessments of the digital landscapes we are now inhabiting.

In the Meantime, serious psychomedia researchers might like to check the incredible resources at MONOSKOP for more info.

+ News coming re: DIY economica on your block NOW…


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